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"You'll see when it's done. If it's done in time, may even be in your new RP."
"So.. Eques might be in my new RP? So he/she/it is a character?"
I think that I am going to use the Darkest Heart rap up as my last bit of practice (doing longer posts) before I start my story.

Soon enough I'll be on as often as Mockingjay.

... Well maybe a little more often than that.

EDIT: Knarled, I need some input from you about DH plot.
OK, but I don't have a DA. Actually, I did (I was using it to follow BitterCarrot's art) but I deleted it a month or so ago.
I sit back up, and yawn, stretching. "Ah. Zarkun, I gotta remember that these seats suck to be slept in. Anywho, thanks to Owl, this faction now grows units from plants." An Ohm bot hands me a drink, and walks off.
I've got a big work project to do, so the site eta will be postponed until further notice.
I probably will not be able to post much for this week.
"You'll find out when I'm done Mark, just be patient." I glance at Jester. "I thought about waking you up, but decided against it."
"but... but... but..." My lip begins to quiver and I give a pair of puppy eyes. Then take another swig. "Just kidding." I reveal, relaxing the muscles in my face.

"But seriously... If its a RP I'd like to know because I dont want to be competing with you. You can keep your precious secret, just tell me if its a RP."
"The Eques aren't an RP. So don't worry."
"Ooh! Its a custom race!" *fist pump*
"Not one of the kind you're thinking of however. These guys have a unique history behind them."
I shrug. "Probably should have. Anyways, back to working on my faction."
I pull a list out, and start writing something down on it.
Back from an extremely long weekend in Mexico, it feels weird to type again after three days without any technology whatsoever.
"Welcome back, Dacder. What'll you have?"
"I'm fine for now, best not drink yet..."
I shrug, making a Redstone Mixer and sipping it. "Your choice. How was Mexico?"
"Good, eventful. One of our group was nearly killed, fell twenty feet off a wall. But a tree slowed his fall. Thanks for asking."
"Sounded like fun." I comment sarcastically
"Well, if they're alive, it's a good day."
"Pretty crazy that he wasn't hurt worse actually, he was walking around and fine not even ten minutes later, nothing but a few scrapes and bruises. Anyway, how's the RPing been?

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