Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

Joeyray's Bar
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"It's been a fairly dead weekend. Still no Drac either."
Where did Thunder go?
"He's got other things he has to do. He plans on coming back though."
Grrr stupid post going to wrong thread

"Can I get a little bit of everything sent through the accelerator for a week?"
I look at the once sleeping Morph. "He does know that it's fair game whenever someone falls asleep, right?"
"Not a good time, CR. We still have a bunch of initiations to do with this group." I mix up the drink and slide it down. "The accelerator is a bad idea with everything in there. I added a few pylon shards though."
"Awe but I want to see what would happen." I say grabbing the new drink and sipping it.
Not a good idea. Just sayin'.
*glares at zarkun* "spoil all the fun" I grumble under my breath then take another sip of my drink.
"I'm ensuring your innards stay where they are."
"Who said I was gonna drink it?" *looks at a big blue box that just appeared in the corner*
"The drink is fine. I didn't put it in the accelerator. It's what CR wanted to do that was a bad idea for now."
"Ahh well I might have to get somemore for some experimentation." *again I glance at the blue box that has "Police Box" printed on it as some mechanical scream issuses from it.*
I need a word of advice. My story is five pages in, if I post it i'm afraid nobody will read it because its so long. So should I post it a few paragraphs at a time so people actually read it?
Yes. Definitely do it that way.
Post a few paragraphs at a time? Okie Dokie.

But Im still afraid nobody will read it :(
I promise to read it, even if it's so bad I don't survive. What's it called?
"They'll read if it isn't Great Text Wall of China."
KO, you might not live through it. I dont have a name for it yet :S Did you ever read Devroy Manufacturing? I can't tell whether it was better or worse then the story I am writing now.

Zarkun, That is another problem. It will take extra time to space it all since I am writing it in word.

Ah well, even if nobody reads it I dont care. I am mainly writing for the experience.

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