Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

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I did not read Devroy Manufacturing. I don't read most stories, ever since Jay the Ghost was discontinued.

Jay the Ghost? That sounds like a funny story xD


*kicks Markus's tail out the door*
*pounds on the door*

"No, no I was only joking! I enjoyed that story myself!"
Post story will read till then back to HeLa
I start to board up the door, making sure to use nano steel nails.
" better not let him in for what he just did, joking or not."
*glares supiciously at door*

All right, then. But don't make such inappropriate jokes in the future.

*opens door*
"I'm innocent! I was only explaining my curiosity for a name that could be so easily related to J.J. the Jetplane!"

[door opens]

"Thank you, thank you!"

So how much of the story should I post? Keep in mind, I have written six pages and 4k words.
I boot KO and Markus out the door. "BLASPHEMERS!"
*orders many kegs of a little bit of everything run thru the accelerator for a week and walks over to the blue box* "hmmm I wonder if I should go in and help"
11/12/2012 06:28 PMPosted by Zarkun
I boot KO and Markus out the door. "BLASPHEMERS!"
"May I get the nails and boards so we can board up the door?" I then look at Morph. "You're making him drink that since that's a waste of drinks?"
I sigh. "You gotta stop kicking the customers out, Zarkun." A crack is heard in the booth. "Ow. Finally managed to pop my shoulder."
My comp is being blasphemous

I peek into the police box then quickly turn around eyes wide. "Might want to hurry with those drinks gonna need 'em after that party." I then pull out a P90 and charge into the police box. I stick my head back out. "Wait make who drink what?"
I'm glad Im not the only one who gets confused by CR every now and then.

No offence intended btw.
Are you coming back to DH or not?
Give me a little direction and I'll keep with it. It can be a hard RP to follow with all the subplots and stuff. Not to mention my guy is not really fit to do... well.. really anything xD
Actually, we've had two newcomers, both run of the mill humans. So join back up! We've just started a mission and are about to protect a town from a zombie attack.
"Mark post something in DH and get ur story done I wants read it." I then turn back into the police box as the sound of laser beams and gatlin' guns is heard.
I shake my head, sipping my drink. "Well, glad to see we're surviving."
I glance out of the bar, and notice a random tree growing in the area near the bar. Its leaves are a dark red and a light yellow, the bark is pitch-black, with purple fruit growing.
"Uh, zarkun? We might have a pest problem soon."

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