Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

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"If your custom race spills over into the bar, I will activate the Eques preemptively."
I posted the story but I cannot for the life of me think of a name.

bleck... I guess "The King of Pirates" will do... for now...
I glance at zarkun. "Hard-light weapons operated by A.I. constructs v.s. bio-mechanical, specially breed creatures of war? This should be quite good to watch." I get up and walk out, use pyrokensis on the tree to burn it down before anything happens, then head back to my seat. "Uh, I'll have a few SCVs get some Fire Turrets up so those things don't hatch."
OK now it shows up
What do you mean where? I posted it! lol
"That would be interesting indeed."
Be sure to post your feedback!
I grab Mark by the ear, dragging him back to Roach pit. "Leave the necroed threads alone, and they die again." I throw him in, closing the door. "Twice in one month. He is not getting on their good side anytime soon."
I don't care to be on the good side of trolls and necromancers.

"Hey everyone! Just so you know those who keep up with "The King of Pirates" will have an advantage in the RP series to come over the people who dont follow it. Just sayin"
"You don't want it to stay on the first page? YOU DON'T F*CKING POST ON IT!" I shake myself, sipping my Mixer. "Sorry, but stupidity is hard to tolerate. You don't want it to stay on the first page then you simply let it sit, uncommented on. It'll vanish again."
*Eye twitch*

Yes, Zarkun... :(
"Poor choice of word, but I mean don't comment on them. That particular one vanished because people quit commenting on it. It'll happen again." I make up a glass of Scotty Bolger's Old No 8 and slide it down. "I apologize."
"I forgive you!" *Big hug*

yaaay! Hooraaaay!!


I was never offended btw xD
"Hey, have any RP's finished while I was gone? Just wondering, 'cause when a few end I'll try my hand at DMing that one about being a leader of a country and such things."
If you guys stop reading my story before I introduce any main characters im going to cry... just sayin'
11/12/2012 06:50 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
I'm glad Im not the only one who gets confused by CR every now and then.
You son of a...

@Markus...And how does your story involve the RP Series...And how is it an are making it sound like we have to read it or something will happen.
By having knowledge of the chars and factions in the RP.
"I have all the knowledge of the factions I'm going to need."
KO nailed it. You will know what will happen just before it happens and stuff. Not that big of a deal if you dont read it.

think of it as the backstory to every character in the RP.
"Don't make me send out LICENTIA on yo !@# if needed...Trust don't want to make her mad."
You then could feel something as big as a Science Vessel flying above the bar.
"Whatever you do...don't make me activate Protocol Omega...And I'm going to get rid of my Text Adventure and do something more...elaborate."

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