why PvZ is broken!

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11/11/2012 09:51 AMPosted by Hassan
No. Blizzard gave Terran and Protoss strengths, they gave Zerg weaknesses.

It's ok, if you want to defend your race then at least bring rational arguments!

I gave each of my initial SCVs an infinity gauntlet which turned them into Gods. I then box selected them and A-Moved to victory.
Posted by BlackAdder
Hassan, did you really expect to post this in a Zerg forum and expect a bunch of people to agree they only play Zerg for the EZ WinZ?

In platinum league any race I play gives me an easy win.

If I had once in the past 2 years I'd been posting here actually said any race was EZ, you might be excused for thinking I wasn't speaking hypothetically, and then maybe I would deserve that kind of BM.
um chrono boosts? so op and u don't have to macro u can stock up 4 casts
When blizzard first balanced the game they gave each of the three races strength and weaknesses. Protoss weakness is lack of macro compared to the other two races. For example, Terran players have mules in TvP and Zerg players get an extremely fast third in ZvP. To make up for this blizzard intended to give Protoss the strongest and most cost efficient late game army. This however is not the case anymore in ZvP. It is now Zerg who truly have the death ball. The unstoppable broodlord and infestor army. Nothing can beat it if microed correctly! Vortex will never work in Masters. All the zerg has to due to split broods! And even if he doesn't, there are many options for the zerg player. The zerg player can camp, the longer the game lasts the better it is for the zerg. After all the zerg can always instantly remax!

This Imba imbalance in the match up leaves protoss players with only one option! And that is to 2base all in!

i can't believe protosses are actually using the fact that they don't need to macro as being a weakness....
according to PartinG you just need to put soul in ur immortal all in

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