Is Beta open to all? Or did I get lucky?

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Hey everyone. First off, I just want to thank Blizzard for such a great series. Now to the main question, is Heart of the Swarm beta open to the public? Or did I get picked in some freak phenomenon? I've been playing Blizzard games since Diablo 1 was hot, I have the warcraft series, multiple 80-90 characters on WoW, and I dabble around a bit in the new SC2. I have never EVER been chosen to participate in any beta testing for Blizz. I logged into my account and went to manage games cause I was gonna add Diablo 3, and I saw that "Starcraft 2 Beta" was not greyed out. It gives me the option to download the client.

TL:DR - Wondering if I am getting my hopes up for beta testing, or if I am not special and its just open to the public. Or I'm just a retard and you can download the client but need a special account or something.
Some guy at Blizz went full retard and changed the PTR client to the HotS client. In other words, you didn't get any beta access. It's a bug.
None of the above.

They apparently got the PTR switched with the beta by 'accident".
Oh ok. Thanks for clearing this all up.....maybe when Diablo 14 comes out, maybe I can beta test something....
you just got trolled
yup, 6 games ever played and most were 4v4. You will sure love HOTS beta.

Get into that multiplayer ladder action!

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