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10/31/2012 03:28 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
And the Guardian is suited for Space?

No, the Guardin is ideal for space combat because of their psionics and their ability to repair stuff.
I'd prefer 2.1.0 Mainly because I like Mass Effect and how you integrated it with Starcraft.

Yeah, I love mass effect. My next series will be much like Mass Effect.
Before I make my sheet. I need to know a liiiiitle more.


Is it SC: Lore?
-If so:
Yes, it is SC lore.

The confederate has just been overthrown, the dominion are just beginning


Name: Koto "Fade" Aunix
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Class: Spectre
Health: 75
Shields: 40

Appearance: Asian decent. Black, long hair. Usually wears mask though. Black armor, silver trims, white lights (red on mask).

BOSUN F92 Sniper Rifle. Wields a tribal switchblade.

Background: With a P.I. of 7, he was taken from his family at the age of 7. His "Trainers" frequently gave him a hard time due to his race. Asking ridiculous questions, and making him do extra work (all of which were not a problem for him until they got out of hand...) When he finally graduated the academy, he was mind wiped. Even though he was every mission. After every mind wipe, he felt more and more hatred for the Confederacy. When he heard of the 'Sons of Korhal' he found a "black surgeon" to remove his implant. It failed several times, and he was tortured on one occasion, but he finally got it out by the age of 22. After that, he joined the ranks of Mengsk's group to overthrow the Confederacy and even got a chance to kill one of his "trainers".

Abilities: Minor telekinesis, telepath, stealth.
Psi wave - Blast of psionic energy (drains him mentaly and physically). Can destroy minds, or just push someone back.
Psi Shot - Bullet with extra power and accuracy. (Using this on a whole 10rnd clip will drain him)

He now finds himself on a ship going somewhere. And then alarms go off...
Alright, if you go with classes, I will consider this. And if you add another class, for speed and strength, I'll really consider it.
Zarkun, you can be any class and have speed and strength. I would recommend soldier for you though.

Looking good Korozain! Like I said before I am just doing this RP to test out different combat styles, after I get the data I need this RP will probably close down to make way for my next series. You might want to look out for that because your character is perfect :)
Thank you very much!

I HAD a summary on the This is Their Story: Story Thread
but Google Chrome though it'd be funny to freeze and reload my pages right on the first sentence of the summary I writ.
I might not even get this RP off the floor. Im trying to focus all my energy on my new series :S
I'm still debating on a class. So far, I see nothing allowing for my usual melee style.
Two things:

1. You can be any class and excel at melee combat.

2. I'm still debating whether I should kill the RP before it's born.
It's up to you. I mean, I already have someone for it, though depending on how long after Z&Z it is, he may have some extra quirks >:)
did you screw up Torvus? >:(
Mark... get over to DH.. now.
I didn't screw up Torvus, he's gained improvement.
What kind of improvement?

Still can't decide whether to discontinue this RP before it starts.
That's a surprise. Or you can read Z&Z to find out. He only becomes lethal.
You didn't make him a demon hunter or anything, right? He doesn't have any talking swords or anything?
I'd recommend letting this drop or at least waiting a bit. There are too many RP's going right now.
Thanks War, I know you have good intentions but I think you're wrong.

What makes RPs die and fade is three things.

1) The RP finishes with the epic ending and such. (But I'm the only one I have ever seen officially end a RP exactly the way planned.)

2) Other RP's push it out of the way and cause people to forget about it until it slowly dies.

3) The DM becomes inactive.

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