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*This is really just a way for me to vent my sadness now that most of my mates and all that happened in the January-June Period of 2012 are now gone, so feel free to comment about my wishy-washy/cheesy feelings about former and present posters. I might expand this, but only when the mood strikes me*

I still remember them all clearly, from days gone by, of old memories of good times and old friends. ThunderCrash, reliable and trustworthy and brave, who always seemed to be there, even in our darkest hour. He was the comforting veteran, the watchful moderator, if you will. Still shocking that he is gone...

I remember MockingJay, and her quirky way of writing, and the thrill I felt any time I saw a new post from her documenting the adventure of Jay the Ghost. I salute her now, though with a feeling that Jay will never really get that real ending and how she disappeared into the sunset with nary a wave of farewell.

I remember HBRB, and his unstable, yet memorable humor. A funny changeling really is one to remember, and despite all that we went through, I like to believe that he is still here, in spirit if not in mind. I like to believe they all are.

I, for a time, still clung to the belief that these was the same forums I knew and loved and toiled for, the one that I had enjoyed with friends over shots of Jim Raynors and other drinks from the then early days of Zanon's bar. But it isn't. It no longer has the same humor, the same contributers, the same gatherings that the old one did. This one is an entirely different one as a whole, and try though as I might, I feel like I can't really fit in. This is by no means a bad change. But you, the readers, are part of a new generation, an new chapter to the infinite book known as Joeyrays. And, Try as I do to fit in, my time is over.

*Thanks for listening to an old timer droll on for a while, just had to get it out of my system.*

Still a better lover story than Twilight.

And I arrived when a few started to slow down, and my short time before some left...I got to now them and I miss them very much. :(
"The insanity trio is no more. With the absence of HBRB and SF, only one remains."
But we're pretty cool, I think you will come to like us. =)
*Is too busy sitting on the porch of Zanon's staring into the sunset to hear Markus*
*Sits next to Ghost with a tray full of drinks*
Beautiful sunset, eh?
[Drinks everything before anyone can take a glass]

"You guys are so morbid. Are those tears in your eyes Mr. GhostSpectre?"
*Looks up slightly for a second, and sees fantastic streaks of orange casting shadows that, to My (slightly senile) eyes almost appear as shadows of my old friends*

Yes....indeed it is....
*Joins the two, sitting down and cleaning a rifle.* I miss the oldies I met. Maybe they'll come back.
[Grabs GhostSpectre and drags the poor sod underground where he his throughly drained of his tears]
Hey man, I've seen them go as well, I was there...one of the newer generations. If not the first one of the new. I miss those guys that left...
*Walks back to the surface with curiously red blotches of color on my duster, and shortly thereafter the tunnel I emerged from explodes in flames. I sit back down*

I know it's silly (if not outright dumb) of me clinging to these memories and moments like they're life rafts, but they really were the gems of my time, and knowing that they're all gone....

*Bursts out into tears once more while sipping from a Jim Raynor*
*Quietly slips on Ghost Helmet so that smylez won't do anything he'll regret later*
*Shoots off smylez's pinky toe.* See what you made me do? Now I gotta clean the thing again. *Resumes cleaning.*
[smacks the ghost helmet out of GhostSpectre's head and proceeds to gouge an eye out]

11/01/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Zarkun
*Shoots off smylez's pinky toe.* See what you made me do? Now I gotta clean the thing again. *Resumes cleaning.*

"Not painful enough to do anything. Try again."
!@#$ off.... I'm still in my mourning/cranky mood.

*Blasts smylez with a Shotgun I had with me, horribly crippling his limbs*
"And I am in my harvesting mood!"
*Shoots smylez in the gonads.* That should shut him up.
"You want free hugs Zarkun-kun?"

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