Lost Memories

Joeyray's Bar
*Keeps cleaning, shaking head.* No thanks, I don't want to make you look bad.
"Come! There's no need to be shy!"
*Keeps cleaning the rifle, a girl and guy leaving.* When you get home, I'll still be here, cleaning this gun. *Ignores smylez.*
[Hugs Zarkun]
*Punches smylez in the face, knocking out his front teeth.* Told ya you'd look bad.
"My physical form means little. I got what I wanted anyway."
Not to mention I crippled your limbs, by the way, so yeah, it is pretty bad.
Well, fellow RPers, The time has come. My last bastion of camaraderie and friendship Zanon (If a somewhat distant and cool relationship) has finally decided to ride into the sunset with all the others who have already, and I too am feeling a tug away from The Starcraft Forums. Know that I, as the last of those who have gone, have decided to pass the mantleship and responsibility of the JoeyRays' to you all. Those who come after me, I hope you have a long and prosperous journey through all the worlds and threads you will come across, and pray that you will not have to say farewell to them as do and my friends do. May you all enjoy a long prosperous time here.

Take Care of the Bar when we're gone, shall you?

*I Get onto my Vulture, riding towards the veritable group of old-time RPers who are waiting for me, and at the outskirts of the town, I stop and look at JoeyRays for one last time, hesitating for a brief moment, but then looking at all of my lost friends. Zanon, ThunderCrash, Vultureling, HBRB, MockingJay, and all the friends I've made who are now silent. Joining my friends, we ride off into the great sunset, and so out of RP history back to the gathering storm of Video Games and the internet.*

(This, more or less, is my last farewell to you all, and while I may make return trips, Tis a large world out there, and my posts will more or less cease.)
"Jolly day when these forums are empty and collecting dust."
I watch as the group vanishes into the sunset, giving a final salute to those who came before. As they leave, I feel a chill run down my spine as the darkness gathers, preparing to make war on this bastion of reason. "We'll hold down the fort until you fine ladies and gentlemen make it home. Safe travels." I sit and ready my characters and weapons for the onslaught. Without their calming and rebuffing presence, dark times lay ahead, and we all needed to be ready.

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