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Hey guys, I just posted this in the HotS forum, but wanted to get as much input as I can, and give the rest of you a chance to add your thoughts. If there are any notable posts in this thread, I will likely copy them to the thread in the HotS forum (giving credit, of course). Tell me what you think. :)
Well, this is interesting but I find Tanks to be far too immobile to deal with the Protoss army, whatever composition the Protoss is using.

It would be great, but Tanks will always be far in the back because they have to siege early, so they won't be in range of the Colossus or HT's, or both, and the Micro you will need to focus-fire with Tanks, split Bio, EMP with Ghosts, and keep your Vikings out of Psi-Storms is freaking insane.

It's just too much, and why I abandoned my Tankless Bio-Mech in TvZ.
11/05/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Fencar
It's just too much, and why I abandoned my Tankless Bio-Mech in TvZ.

I'm a little confused by this last comment. You abandoned not-using Tanks in TvZ, so you thing that having Tanks as an option (if at all viable) in TvP would be too hard?

Like I said, this is a HotS concept and relies heavily on Hellbats to stop the Zealots. A few Widow Mines might be a good buffer, as well... not sure. Anyway, I'm seeing this as a list of priorities, just like Tank/Marine vs Banelings... stim, focus, split. With TvP, it'd be similar, get the Marines on damage mode, focus the priority threats (you could put your Tanks and Vikings on the same hotkey vs Colossus), and then worry about dodging. A primary difference with TvP vs TvZ, is that you don't have to clear creep. If you can kill his Obs, he'll have to try to guess where you're going to dig in, and you can slow push from there.

I don't know... if you can leverage Hellbats and Tanks as units that require a little less babysitting off the bat to buy time to react and control your bio, it seems like it could be less micro than standard mid-late game TvP, where you're trying to kite, EMP, focus Vikings, rescue FF'd units, etc.
Sorry, I should have said that "and is a similar reason as to why I switched to Mech in TvZ." Or not said anything at all.

The thing is, the Protoss can use Colossus and Psi-Storms at the beginning of the engagement, and you have to control all at the same time:


All separately optimally, plus you have to macro during the engagement so that you don't fall behind in food too much.

The Protoss doesn't wait to storm; the first thing he does is storm. Not 1a, storm.
If there's one tweak I'd like to see to late-game TvP, it would be to change the immortal attack to a projectile. Then PDD can block them, which may give the terran late-game a little breathing room. It'll also encourage more raven play in TvP.
Bio/tank has been a missing composition from the beginning of WoL. The reason is that tanks deal so little damage to chargelots/blink stalker that can benefit from friendly fire! Really the only way I would see tank work with bio, would be if an upgrade would be added! Something like extra damage to shield units, so when charge and blink hits the field tanks can still compete with gateway units! At the current state, tank need to be massed in order to be effective!

It's really sad to see that Blizzard cut half of terran play vs toss! TANK BIO IS THE CORE OF TERRAN STRATEGY IN THE OTHER MATCH UP!

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