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11/09/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Obamarauder
the hydra speed upgrade should be sufficient. Have you seen it? Yes it is hive tech, but having such fast hydras by default would be ridiculous. I think we will see them much more frequently in endgame

They're still paper compared to Hydras from Brood War. You used to have Hydras with 80 health for 1 supply. It's kind of a joke that they only have 80 health and 2 supply. It's not like they're super mobile units. In Brood War, you also had spells like Dark Swarm to protect your Hydras. I think they should be 1 supply or have more health. Their damage doesn't scale well into the endgame either. 2 stimmed Marines still do way more damage.
another infestor thread...

it'd be nice but zergs need another spell caster, viper's not that great outside of grabbing colossus anyways
Hydras would be better if they weren't light and had range out of the gate. I don't get the idea of offering an upgrade that you need to make the unit viable. All this does is delay using them and if that's the case then it's an issue of poor balance.

It's not a situational upgrade like Neural Parasite. And along the same lines I feel that zergling speed falls in the same category. Obviously Zerg would be OP with this upgrade right out of the gate - just like if Siege Tanks rolled out with siege mode - , but having to get an upgrade before a unit is viable seems like a poor tactic to use in balancing the game.
There is one problem with Hydra buffs. IMO I think the Hydra is just as poorly designed like fungal.

Attributes of a Hydralisk...
1. Dps unit or a glass cannon
2. Big and tanky "powerful"
3. Slow but more "powerful"
4. Expensive
5. Flagship unit for zerg

Problems... due to its expensive cost and tanky "Terran Tier 3" attributes the Hydralisk will always get HARD countered by almost all of the common units in the game. Many of the units include...

Terran: Marines, Tanks
Protoss: Chargelots, Aoe tech
Zerg: Infestors, Hive, RoachLing, LingBling

IF we buff the Hydra in like...
- More health
- More damage
- More X number of X
The hard counters will still be HARD COUNTERS. Who cares if hydras have 90 hp? Marine stim or basic zealot archon will just roll hydras over. If we only buff the hydras in numbers at the end the only solution to hard counters is just to buff the hydra soo much that it will counter everything, even its former hard counters (hey 150hp hydras that does 15 damage and runs almost as fast as lings... imba)

In order to buff the Hydra...

I think we need to change its mechanic. Hydras are just... bad... as a unit in general in starcraft 2 no matter how we buff it. But in order to make hydras useful we need to give it another mechanic, another variable.

Ideas for Hydras...
Remove the speed upgrade. Give it another upgrade... Haste... 200min 200gas. Allow hydras to move while burrowed at high speeds (same speed as the speed upgrade). Also give it a balance check. Hydras will take 1.5 times as long to burrow and unburrow. Plus give it a screaming claw slashing unburrowing animation just for the fans and to take up the 1.5 times longer unburrow.
Reasons why for this upgrade...

1. It will allow the hydra to escape dangers like stimed marines or colossi better.
2. It will give zerg players a counter attack unit. Due to the hydras investment and high cost getting hydras for more aggressive play will hinder hive deathball process.
3. Lore wise this is correct. Hydras are known to unburrow on marines and ambush. It will be way better then the speed buff lore wise too. I still can't imagine hydras slithering like snakes at the same speed as unupgraded zerglings.
4. Promotes more raven responses and hopefully more oracles if bliz is smart enough to return good detection.
5. This is also "zergy". Ambushes. Burrowed. Poping out everywhere... thats zerg alright... screw free units.


Add more ideas too...

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