This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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I stop. "Oh, didn't hear the first part." I proceed to chuckle and wait.
...Damnit, like the console wasn't enough XD

IC: I look the ramp over and sigh. One more thing for me to fix.
McKenzie is laying on the floor, unconscious. Blood was on the floor and shards of metal surrounded her, with a few in her body. The turret controls were broken.
"!@#$, We've got a problem!"
I shout, chucking scrap metal out the back, trying to clear some space.
"Anything bad?" I say.
"If you count an unconscious moderately wounded group member and damage to important machinery, then I'd say yes!"
I shout, clearing a small area around her.
"It's working fine, and we can heal her up. But we're going to need to move. Bandage her up and I'll try to drive smoothly."
"Alright, I'll see what I can do."
I say, pulling out my med kit and getting to work.
I take the seat next to Kain and check the railgun. "Rail gun is fine. Can only fire it from up here for now though."
"Alright, let's go." I start driving slowly and steadily back to camp.

OOC: Last post for tonight.
I type in a code on my PDA and the ATV follows. "Hehe, remote control vehicles. Knew it was worth the time."
"Nice." I say, sitting there. "We are going to need to build the fence fast. How much wood did you get and how goes the 'Project'?"
"We have enough wood to circle Sanctuary at least three times, and the 'Project' goes fine. I just have to get to the construction facility."
"!@#$in' nice. We got a surplus of metal scrap so. We can do this Minecraft style..."

Making a reference to an old Earthen game
I chuckle and shake my head. "Maybe. I'm actually hoping it's designed like the construction yards in Red Alert and RA2." I knew a few old Earth RTS games.
McKenzie groans, waking up. She glances around, her mind hazy from being knocked unconscious. A few small shards of metal had dug into her cheeks.
"Did we win?" McKenzie asks, still woozy.
I spin the chair, looking at McKenzie. "We won. Got a few things to repair on here, but we won."
I rest an armored hand on McKenzie's shoulder;
"Easy, you took quite a beating back there. You don't have any major injuries, but you're going to have some spectacular bruises in the morning, I'll say that much for sure."
McKenzie stares at Stefan blankly, still too dazed to remember who he is. She lays back down, staring at the ceiling.
OOC: sorry I haven't been on, moving so i came home and started packing.

IC: "Yeah, always loved strategy games. Freakin' loved a few FPS's though. Like The Halo series was always good."

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