This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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"Command and Conquer were good. All that aside, I'm going to need munitions for the Golems as well."
"What size? 7.26mil-meter?" I ask, wondering what it uses. "Or is it a Rail-Gun? Heavy Gauss? Or missiles!?" I start to get excited.
"I'm still going over the schematics, but it looks like it uses Hard Light weaponry along with a heavy rail gun. I could be wrong about the hard light weaponry though."
McKenzie glances over at Jared, the hazy look gone.
"Did you say 'Hard-Light' weapons?" She asks, struggling a bit, trying to get up.
I nod. "I did, but I'll probably substitute it for one of the more practical weapons. Hard-light weaponry is hard to come by, let alone build."
McKenzie struggles more, and gets up, finally, but is wobbly, and falls back to the ground, face first. "Ow......... When we get back, lemme have a look at it." She says, her voice muffled.
I stand up and help her into a seat. "You can look after you recover."
Doing a final scan of McKenzie's vitals, I pack up my medical kit;
"Alright, you should be good, just take it easy."
I say.

Where are we? Have we gotten back to the base yet?
I had just left and I was already a few miles away from camp, going slow at first as to not hit anything big that would hinder my plans. It was quiet, but I was ready.
No idea War, Koro has been gone all day.
Sorry, moving. Only going to be on like 0800-1530ish until Saturday. Forgot to tell you guys...

We're close to Sanctuary, about a mile away

IC: "Damn. Sounds nice... If we could find a good source of Hard-Light weaponry. We might be good for a while..."
"Good for killing off organic matter, or so I'm told."
"Hmm... I wonder... And bear with me... But what if the Protoss have some..."
McKenzie shakes her head. "No, they don't. Most of their technology is psi-based, and I don't think they'd make something like that."
With a sigh, I lean back in a pile of scrap and open my helm;
"what a day..."
I nod. "Could be worse I suppose. All I know is that we'll need more supplies if we're going to survive this whole mess."
"Agreed, I wish the NR orbital depots were still functional... Those things were stocked to the gills with just about anything you could fit in a drop pod..."
"We'll be fine scavenging. I mean, we could be worse off."
OOC: I have returned...

IC: "Yeah. Aside from a b!tch leaving, getting attacked, confirming the presence of infested and someone injured. It's not that bad. This is... Whatever this place is. And it can always get worse..."
"Don't say that! It almost always gets worse after you say that. Quick, knock on wood." I pull out a branch that had gotten stuck to my armor and knock on it. "Ok, we're good now."

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