This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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"No. It's when you say it can't get worse when that happens." I chuckle.
"Superstitious much?"
"More like not eager to take chances. There's some freaky sh!t here. Now that I think about it, where is here? We don't even know what planet we're on."
McKenzie chuckles, then lets out a groan of pain. "Are we there yet?" She asks impatiently.
"Well, we may not be on a planet... The record said this was Luna or Lunar... What do those words resemble?"
"Usually a moon, but...that isn't a heavy indication of anything..."
My face turns thoughtful;
"... The recording called this place Lunar?... did it designate any other places?..."
I ask, thinking.
"Not directly... But think of Old Earth. What was the biggest on-planet space command?" I say leading them on with my theory.

"They were talking to Houston..."
"Houston...there's no way we're that close to there?"
"I explains all the earthen equipment and games... And... I had a memory. Of why we came here in the first place at the mountain... The Zerg found out where Earth was. And they left to attack, an the Protoss followed. We were sent to do something. I don't understand why it is so lush here though..."
McKenzie shakes her head, but says nothing. She instead glances around, and repeats her earlier question.
I sigh. "500 meters..."
I sigh. "500 meters..."
I think your comp glitched Koro XD

IC: "Maybe the Zerg didn't get a chance to ravish it. I mean, this place changes climates almost immediately in any one direction."
OOC: It did... Is funny. I always check this like, right after you post....

IC: "Yeah... But on the records they were talking about some kind of project... I wonder what it was..."
"Maybe something to actually get rid of the Zerg? I mean, clearly they aren't pacified any more."
"If so, we need to find it and try to reboot it so we can live in some kind of peace..."

The APC stops.

"We're here."

I open the hatch and jump out.
"Jared or Stefan, can you help me out?" McKenzie asks, using the wall to steady herself as she gets up.
I climb out and look at the damage to the ramp. Just a few of the gears and the left set of locking clamps needed replaced. "Well, that's no where near as time consuming as that console will be." I then climb back in and help McKenzie. "Easy there, you're fairly beat up."
McKenzie coughs, and replies "Yeah, and I thought I'd just got done with a hug. Chop Shop or the fourth hut, depends on which you think would be a better place for me right now." She sighs, and waits for Jared to start moving her in one direction or another.
"Well, I think that's a bit more your decision. You seem like the kind of gal who keeps working no matter what."

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