This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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"Then the Chop Shop. Just make sure to have Medkit or some gauze nearby." She replies.
"You should be good, I double-checked the med kits around here."
I say, climbing out.
I help her into a seat in the Chop Shop, and then go over to the console, looking it over. "F*cking psycho b!tch was aiming for my head. I don't care where it actually hit."
"Humans're great aren't they?" I say leaning on the wall next to him.
"Sure, let's go with that one." I look it over again and sigh. Junctions, wires and screens would need replaced. I turn away and go work on the ramp. It would be done in a couple hours at most.
I laugh a bit. Then look at Stefan. "Stefan. We have work to do. Start the base of the fence with the logs and some large pieces of metal."
"Jared, where's the gun at?" McKenzie asks, wheeling her chair out of the way of everyone.
"Top of the APC. Only the passenger controls were damaged." As I work, I put more thought into the base defenses. Maybe some heavier turrets, with bigger rounds for more damage against the larger targets and splash damage against the smaller ones. Set em along the fence...
"I meant the Hard-Light gun, not the Rail-Gun." She replies, and shifts her weight, giving out a soft groan.
"Oh, here." I pull out the PDA and create a hologram of the blueprints where she can see them. "That's them."
McKenzie gives him a look that said Really? What the heck man? She takes the PDA and wheels over to a table away from everyone and studies the blueprints.
"Alright, I'll get to it."
I say, hauling scrap.
Finishing up the ramp, I move to the console. "How's that look, McKenzie?"
"Interesting. I'm still trying to find out why it isn't working, but I may have a theory." She replies
"Shoot. I wasn't going to try, but if there's a hope, then I'll build it." I pull out some more wiring, flinching as sparks fly out. That wasn't any good.
McKenzie looks at the blueprints again, checking to be sure. "I think that the insane people tried to modify it. It seems there are several redundant parts attached along with.......Oh, you sneaky bastards." She swears, and rolls the chair over to the APC. "I know how to get it running and active, but I need some tools and a few hours."
I slide out from underneath the console. "First tell me what you're doing. Stefan would kill me if I let his patient kill herself."
"I need to disconnect a power-blocker." Before he can give her a look, she adds "I'm dead serious, by the way. All that it is is a series of systems blocking the generator from connecting to the weapon's systems."
"What tools? I need most of them to fix this."
"A wrench, pair of wire cutters, and some inhibitors for power currents." McKenzie replies after a few seconds.

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