This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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"Tool box over there." I point at it, then slide back under the console. More damage still needed repairing.
McKenzie rolls over to the tool box, and asks "Where's the gun at?"
"I think somewhere in the armory. I only glanced it over myself. If you can fix that one, make some edits to the blueprints for future reference." I finally manage to start fixing the wiring rather than removing the messed up ones.
"Thanks." McKenzie says, getting up, grabbing the PDA in one hand as well as the tools she needs, and starts limping to the Armory.
"Don't over do it up there!" I curse quietly as I get a slight zap. Damn faulty wiring. Maybe it was a good thing she had made me fix it.
The radio turned on, and McKenzie replied {I planned on bringing it outside to work on it, but unless you have a better idea, please, do tell.}
{Not really. I don't think there's what we can call a lab in this place anyways.}
McKenzie enters the Armory, and instantly finds the gun, mostly due to her studying the blueprints. She glances around, trying to find something to roll it out on.
I start working with Stefan outside. "Alright. So this fence will cover the perimeter of this area (80 meters) and it will be a square so we are going to need 20 meters of 4 meter tall scrap/wood on each side and the south side where we first came here will be the gate. It will have spikes of mainly metal protruding from the base of the wall along with various traps I will set up."

I say to him with the large paper of plans in my hands.
I forgot about this... Damn...

IC: A couple stray Zerglings in the way, so I just ran them all down with the truck, guts flinging in the air. I was easily 10 miles from the camp now. I could understand their frustration because of how I was acting. But they wouldn't even let me explain in full.
I wonder. Have I ever felt the emotion of love and forever lost it?

Or did I never have it to begin with...

This question will remain, but we have work to do.


I think as I let Stefan look over the plans.
I get the last of the wiring hooked up and move on to the power junctions. Glancing at the time, I sigh. More than two hours had gone by.
McKenzie manages to find something to get the weapon out, drags the gun outside to the center of the base, and starts tinkering with it.
Waitin on Warhawk...
oops... sorry. :/

I grunt, looking them over;
"Looks good to me. There should be a ditch around the edge of the wall though.."
"I didn't think of that... Fill it with corrosive acids and spikes... Yes... And cover it with a thin light camouflaged material..."

I play with my hands in the evil thought... I then draw a (to scale) 50 centimeter wide trench along the perimeter of the wall.
Finishing with the junctions, I radio Kain and Stefan. {Hows it going out there?}
{Pretty damn good. About to start construction. How goes it with the hard light gun and the computers?} I radio back as I finish drawing the trench.
{Don't know about the gun, but the computer is almost fixed. Gonna need to run a system check on it before I hook it up to the network again though.}
I take another look over the blueprints;
"Well, what to do first?"
I ask.

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