This Is Their Story: Chapter V

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"I need a large recap."
Zergy, Zergy everywhere... Everyone wants to kill Jen pretty much... Yep.
Wondering what happened to Jordan and the base now has a defense net.
"Sleeping in the APC?"

Cole walks around, ready to smash everything underfoot.
Wait...that's not right. You fell asleep in a dropship in the forest.
"No. He came back to the APC, didn't he? If he didn't then Jordan will be heading back soon."
You had Jordan fall asleep in the drop ship, then you vanished.
IC: I look at the plans.

"I'd say get some of the tree logs that Jared got and large scraps so we can make the base of the wall and from there build the rest and I'll work on the rest after we finish."

OOC: I'll start writing a summary.
I run the system check and sigh in relief. No problems. Hooking it back up to the net, I look over some of the read outs and grin. {Hey Kain, that giant metal fortress we were looking for? It exists, and I have a fix on it's location.}
IC: {Awesome, lets get the defenses up and we'll go.} you hear a loud crash in the background, I dropped a log.

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{You guys finish up the fence. I think I can get those Golems started. I'll let you know.} I head down into the power room and search, finding a large underground construction yard. "Wow, they took survival seriously." {You won't believe what I just found. These guys weren't joking around.}
A sharp hiss is heard, over both the radio and over the air. This is followed by a sigh of relief.
{Ok, good news: I got the gun working, finally. Bad news: I just cut through about eighteen trees when I test-fired it.} McKenzie radios.
{What's left of them?}
I ask;
{We might be able to use the remains in the wall.}
{Great, get it down here. I'm starting the construction process and it's going to need a scan of the weapon.}
{Um..... a bit above the trunk. That's where the round went through. So, really, the trunk up.} She replies, still fiddling with the gun.
{Um.. sounds promising... Are you alright?}
I ask, continuing to work on the wall.
{Yeah. Just thankful that I got my hand out of the way before it fired.} She replies, then adds {Unless you are referring to the injuries I got from APC wreck. I'm fine.}
I run a final check on the construction computers and nod in satisfaction. {McKenzie, if you could just bring down the weapon, I can start on construction.}
{Yeah, hang o-} Another hiss is heard, and McKenzie swears. {Uh.....Problem. I won't be able to move it without it killing someone or destroying some- (HISSSSSSSSSS) .....thing. The trigger is jammed on, and I can't unlock it.}
I curse. {I'm on my way.} I walk up the stairs and over to where the weapon continues to discharge. "Sh!t, that thing is scary looking."

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