When do you know a race isn't for you

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So a thousand games later I'm still in 1v1 platinum as a Zerg. Time to try terran or Protoss? Maybe the zerg playstyle just isn't for me.
when you can't win a game, that's when you know you suck. :-/
when you no longer have fun playing as them you know they arent for you. Play waht you enjoy over what you feel you are best at
It could just be that you happen to be a platinum level player. there is not necessarily a linear increase between league and playing time.
when the voices in your head begin screaming so loud that you finally have to switch.
I've gotten into diamond a few times then been bumped back down into platinum after a few weeks. I don't know. Maybe I just am a platinum league player. It's not that I don't enjoy playing Zerg, it's just that I want to see for myself if I'm capable of something more than a few weeks in diamond here and there as a terran or protoss. Maybe the mechanics will agree with me more.

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