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See this to keep updated.
uuh.. so this is a JRB gaming website? Whaa? I'm so confused.
Updated to Alpha 0.6
The Chat room is complete.
Beta will begin next week, on Monday.

I'm working on filling the database. Could someone get me a link to the thing Zanon said to newcomers.
My name is Zanon. I am a regular at Joeyray's and the unofficial forum sheriff of Joeyray's.
My (unofficial) job is to give a brief orientation to new RPers at Joeyray's Bar. This includes relevant facts about myself and others.

The first and most important thing is: BLIZZARD'S CODE OF CONDUCT.
You can find this on the bottom of any page on the forum. In them you will find all the things that they can ban you for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thundercrash (He isn't here right now) knows what he is talking about, but really any of the people here can be counted on to answer a serious question.

As a courtesy to others, do not kill their characters. Also try to keep your punctuation in top form. We have a lot of perfectionists here, as this is primarily a story forum.

Have fun.

More information is available on:
I will try to find more from the retired Sheriff and Bartender himself...But I think we could change it up a the names and stuff in here. If you want I can give you a final copy before the day starts to darken?
11/08/2012 08:41 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
If you want I can give you a final copy before the day starts to darken?

You mean you'd make one?
I'm fine with that.
Ya, but I'm going to use the concept from this one and I might revise it and reedit as needed.
Duty calls for me...

And by Duty I mean, doot diddly squat.

Alright, thanks. I'll have the final alpha version of the site hopefully finished soon. I want to get to version 0.7 at least today.

I'm going to try and add a JRB calendar.
I've been a buisy bee, just perfected the chat room, and made the home tab have a calender, active posts, and announcements gadgets. There's one more slot to fill, I'll think of something.
I've also added several more members to the members tab. I'll soon add more to links and database.

Go here for instructions on making gmail.

Once you've made it, tell me, I'll send an Email to you new Gmail, telling you that your invited to use the JRB site.

It is necessary that your format your name just like I described. This post will be deleted once sufficient people have made their Emails, for privacy reasons. (don't want trolls stalking us)

Got it?

Also,don't tell me the account, I'll already know it if you make it right. Just say that your done.
Made ze Gmail.

God damn...I accidentally put a b instead of a r...

I'll try to hurry.

Okay, ready.
revisit the like I posted here, and see if you can comment on it.

Please remove the address from the forums.

can you comment on the bottom?

Ya, fix it CR. then re-inform me.
I fixed it.
Check your mail.

Ok, so beta starts on Monday. on Monday morning I'll check here, and everyone who has confirmed that their Emails are created, I'll send an Email to, I'll also set your status on the site so that you can use the gadgets and stuff, along with your persona.

Use these instructions.

Remember to abide by the code, it apples to your new Email as well.
Should I link my JRB account with my real account?
You can, it's not necessary, but only you see it, and it's backup in-case you forget your password.
What's the point in the calender? The live chat might be useful, but that is where the list ends for usefulness :S
You will see in beta.

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