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Only character I can really post is a Queen or Larval Queen, but yeah, here.

Name: Arriagul-Lakateval
Age: Unknown
Race: Kalavaris
Profession: Larval Queen (Commander)
Equipment: Bio-Plasma Projector, Rage Generator, Claws, Plasma-Disk launcher
Backstory: Original colonies were near Separatist Space. Currently expanding.
Defining Characteristics:

Also, regarding the Vaxarus, I will be using them as well as the Kalavaris.
Dac, you might want both. It will be difficult to keep up with the rest of us without a character.

Maybe have a captain of your custom race or something?

KO, It will be hard to keep up being just a government, but it is possible. I recommend having at least one character.
Well, there's going to be Torvus, and I may use Cayl, Arthur's son...I think I'm covered.
I could flesh out "The Mother".
Zarkun, YES! I love Torvus and Cayl would make an excellent addition! Also, you can make a subplot about the Lorians back story and such.

CR, flesh out whomever you want! I love Umbram so whatever you want!
Like I said, I'll probably do at least one, or use a large battleship as a char. I'll try to keep up in any case.
ATTENTION! If you have a custom race and it is in within your will, you may have a "council member" or an "ambassador" to control. Reread the OP in a minute.
Hm. I think only the Vaxarus would really have one, the Kalavaris don't give a care about everyone else.
OK. One slight thing... the Imperium would almost certainly not acknowledge the existence of the Council by sending a rep unless their rep was automatically given some special position or rank.
The Vaxarus might have an ambassador, but it seems that they wouldn't care about the outside world, I could be wrong, its your custom race!

KO, he WOULD be given a special rank. He represents his ENTIRE race. What more of an honor then that?
Probably only be the Lorians for me. I'm leaving the Exitium Brood out of it and the Eques don't like the Organics. There's your hint there Mark.
Crap.. I didn't get that hint xD

Exitium Brood?
They care about most organic races, only the ones that are hostile to them is when they get hostile. They care more about others then they care about themselves, but since they have no need for air most of the time, they usually don't rust, and maintenance is easy for them
11/14/2012 06:27 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Exitium Brood?
And I wouldn't bring out the AI thingie because...why let something live that shackled you for most of your life?
I knew it was zerg I was just a little more curious.

It's totally fine to have a pocket of zerg on a random planet and then make a subplot about it.
Ok then. The Imperium has a representative on the COuncil. Kor'Tyrgone, a distant relative of the First Emperor Kor'Eksakus. The Kor dynasty was eradicated by misfortune, but their relatives took on their name and are still greatly honored.
Elerians post 103
only one Elerian in Koprulu sector at the moment please dont use as an available race for characters with out asking me.

Mozan post 153+154
open for use of making characters.

and of course kit will be in this well if you are going to have mark in it. will have a char for the Mozan and will probly make a Mozan ambassador but not sure yet.
The Exitium Brood is a bit of an...extreme case. Not a good idea until the RP flourishes a bit.
The Saeculum.

Named for their habit of producing and dying off at nearly the same time each cycle, the Saeculum are ultra-intelligent bug creatures, known for being quite small (5 feet in length, 2'4 in height.), the Saeculum are smart enough to have feelings, emotions, viewpoints, and creativity, but not to the extent of humans. They're often looked down upon by the other races, but are extremely diplomatic nonetheless. They have a thick armor exoskeleton, and large claws and highly hazardous acids as their weapons. They are the dominant form of life on two planets, known as Volsinii, and Villanovan. They prefer to not fight, but shall defend to the death their homelands, deeming them more important than all else. They speak, for bugs especially, with much emotion, their speech often described as awe-inspiring. They use a democratic system for all things pertaining to close to home, but elect a diplomat for life for councils and other such things. Their natural life span of one is exactly 110 years, and each generation is given birth to within the same year of each other.
Morph, Markus Devroy Will be in it, but he will not be a main character.

Zarkun, Whatever you say =)

Dac, approved! Interested to see what you do with them!

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