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"Shadow if i was copying the entire warhammer universe i would include an image and well TELL YOU ITS AN EXACT COPY OF THE DREADNOUGHT. in fact i was just about to make some art for my race that hmm ISN'T GONNA LOOK ANYTHING LIKE WARHAMMER. i do admit the bolter and the name of the class was inspired by warhammer but other then that no real controversy."
CR, If you couldnt figure that out by now... Yeah... lol... You're right, I should have been more button lipped but still.

War, are you referring to when they hack their comms and replace it with music? Why will they be in for a surprise?

Darkra, *sigh* accepted I guess.

Jester........... NO........Wait.......For...........Me.........Or.........Else..........Just please wait for me.
Well, it would still have been interesting if it was someone masquerading as someone else.
And it was a nobrainer how you where taking it.
True. But you do have a point, I should have not said that. But at the same time I didn't want KO to be all, "CAPTAIN LUISS BUSTS DOWNT HE DOOR AND KILLZZZZZ"
Because the ship isn't just an ordinary ship. It's an Alpha Synth AI. Aradia isn't just the name of the ship, it's the name of the ship's AI, which is bonded to Alicia. Read the description of the ship in Alicia's bio.

... actually... a heavy starfighter isn't the best description of the thing... Given that nothing short of a dreadnought can go toe-to-toe with it and survive...
Mark u got something wrong with the char or are you just upset with me making a new char in general?
I think it's more he isn't paying attention.
when ... does ... next ... stupid ... meeting ... start?
and is worlds end still open zarkun?
I'm still waiting to invade the station.
Should be, you'll just have to find the PreRP for it.
thats easy first page and first post = link to PRP for worlds end
Mark am i allowed just to break free or somthin with ASURA cause my char has been frozen in the conversation with KO for 2 days. if not its kool
Darkra, Im fine with you making another Char. It can just get hard to keep up so I just accepted it without thinking about it too hard.

That's between you and KO. If I were you I'd just RP the other character or add yet another.
Markus, I'm not attacking during the day. I'd have to be stupid to do so.

KO, Wfawwer is requesting permission to attack the Imperium, and would like a planet name as a place to start.
Wfawwer, calm down. You can't attack anywhere yet. I dont even know what the !#@$ you're doing. You cant just barge in here and start attacking things.
She's asking for permission like she did with mine.
And you said she was accepted last time I checked.
I accepted her to join, not ruin the !#@$ing RP! She hasn't even submitted anything, just made long posts about something killing everything.

You clearly know something of this or you would be stopping her from attacking Lacerta and whatever.
Mark, it's her race and you'll understand if you read between the lines.
I don't exactly care for this "mystery" that I have to read between the lines to figure out. She joined my RP and is acting like its hers.

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