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Knarled, want me to post what Fawwer wanted me to post once you approved? And the whole thing is this... She wants to be taken out, but not before she causes some... Freedom, saving the poor organics from their burden of life.
Oh my gosh. That is the worst excuse for killing people I've ever heard. *facepalm*

Let her send her attack. She will get some casualties, especially if she attacks civilians. If so, the Jierkad planet is the best target.

But she vill be taken out. I vill see to it myself.
She wanted to create some plot, and what better way than this? And what if it's to also unite the races? Think about it, they are getting attacked and etc. And after having many deaths they start to get nervous and angry, etc.

And did you read what she posted about Cor? My planet for the Lacerta and Candor? Very brutal.

And she already planned that she was going to be taken out... She wants to target the Mozan's as well if she can get permission from Morph.
OK, fine. But I warn you, the Imperium will retaliate.
She's a devilish woman she is...
And did you know that TC has a weird fetish of science?
Yes, me and Jester were making fun of him... Apparently he has a weird thing for women that knows their science?
Hm. That is logical. SOunds kind of Vulcan...
You should've seen his reaction when I asked him if any woman shocked him with a Tesla . XD
Good idea.

And wow, the above is weird.
Yes, yes it is.

Okay, I don't believe they would give allegiance, if anything they'll just go into a rage and try to take a planet from the Separatists if they need to. They feel now as if their goddess has failed them and that she caused this to all happen... Will cause a lot of trouble.

And do you know the funny thing? Aurora and Aer doesn't know about this yet... And Saevire is talking to LICENTIA as the meeting goes by... I'm planning on making it very emotional during the meeting.
Oh, but we INSIST.
Look, their goddess failed them, I'm pretty sure they would believe that the Imperial would fail them. They are really angry and this could cause some trouble if the Separatists choose to take them in on the Citadel or on one of their worlds.

Knarled... Look at that lovely piece of work.

^This is how the Imperium works.

EDIT - very cool. I ought to get my cousin to post some Imperium stuff (I am not the artist of the family, sadly).
This is going to be interesting, are you ready for the emotional drama during the meeting later today? That is if your imperial is in there as well.
It will be very dramatic, because Kor'Tyrgone is going to have a great deal to say as well (see my big post in SS).
Yes... I don't know who's is longer... Yours or Jay's.

The inspiring Roach, or the lovely Probe.
She posted in SS? Really? Where?
No... Just saying who posts the longest.

As in who made the longest post in their lifetime.
Oh, Jay's definitely got me beat there. And so does Zanon for that matter.

And darnit, you had my hopes up.

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