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Bro, how else do you explain the distance between terran space and separatist space?

But where are my manners!? You wanna join?

Morph, both were accepted.

CR, can't wait. Hope those creative juices flow xD
Err...that's kinda why they have Warp Drives? Maybe have like a way station maybe? But don't say Mass Effect Relay...That just makes it sound ridiculous now. As for the race...patience is a virtue young one.
Yeah, I was kinda thinking that :S

I didn't change it because I didn't think anybody would even notice xD
updated Mozan units and story still working on characters tho but soon i hope.
Name: Kit Eler
Age: unknown. speculated to be 20-30 judging by facial features
Race:Elerian (currently in human form)
Armor:Nano Reflex Replication(this is very difficult to get past but not imposible also can function as an almost impossible to detect (by Terran and Protoss standards) cloak)
Weapon:Modified Proton Rifle that also works with normal C-10 or C-20a rounds
Profession:ex special/black ops agent turned merc, Exile
Backstory: she has traversed many galaxies and met many different races in her life after she exiled herself from her people several thousande years ago. shortly before the events that took place during the events of Rebel Yella 'young' girl known as Kit Eler was recruited into the ghost program becuase she displayed exceptional psionic powers close to rivaling those of Sarah Kerrigan. after the fall of tarsonis in the turmoil the ghost programe was in she managed to escape and completely recover from the nueral wipes that the Confederacy had imposed on her. once she recovered she raided a dominion research facility and stole back the armour and weapons they had taken from her. (see Elerian back story for what happened)
Defining Characteristics:snow-white/pure silver hair, prefers to be alone if possible

Name: Oron
Age: 50
Race: Mozan
Profession: Supreme Council Member
Equipement: Mozan Elite Class Armor hidden under council member robes, Mozan Elite Energy weapon usually kept in a case always nearby
Backstory: an old friend of both Kit and the current Mozan Alpha. he and the current Alpha grew up together at the same time Kit had come to the mozan. Kit befriended to two young Mozan and has from time to time visited with them.
Defining Characteristics: in 'feral' form is a handsome timberwolf, capable of staying calm is strenuous situations, although getting old for a Mozan still has the vigour and strength of a younger Mozan

Name: Bythorceos
Age: 20
Race: Mozan
Profession: Mozan Elite Alpha attached to the Mozan Supreme Council Member
Equipement: normal Mozan Elite equipement
Backstory: a young Mozan Elite in charge of defence for the Mozan Supreme Council Member. He has been training as an elite since he was very young and even now continues to train and hone his skills so he can stay at the top of his game.
Defining Characteristics: a white wolf Mozan, a tadbit cocky, tends to walk around nude while on the Mozan Station, wears an elegant robe over his armor while not on the Mozan Station.
11/15/2012 10:30 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
how else do you explain the distance

Imperium has Warpgate tech... it's like a wormhole supported by a big ring. Orbits a planet and allows rapid transport.
I need more political figures from each race, guys. I also need more characters :)
Hmm...Aquila isn't a race...and my other race...they dun did kill everything probably. And then the one knows they even exist.
It's your choice whether you make a political figure for Aquila and you didn't submit another race...

You can... change that lol.
Emperor Eksakus'Yren, High Priest Khyre'Len, Council Rep Kor'Tyrgone, Grand Admirals Khyre'Torus and Kel'Tern. Chars later. I'm gonna play some actual SC now.
You only need to make a char. sheet for political members that make an appearance.

I wish I could...
Any one of those may appear. I'm just covering my bases.
Okay, cool =)
Actually, my other race might be just like Zarkun's Eques...raiders. But they aren't a race, yet they are...Hmm...How does a reptilian race sound? I need to come up with that race anyway because of the AI. Because these reptiles think this AI is their "Goddess."
@Mark: Just an FYI, I'm not going to put up a character sheet for the Vax, cause of the collective-ness. Yes, that is a word. As for the Kalavaris, they don't give a crap about anyone else, for the most part.
My two for mozan will be up in a few moments.
CR, Sounds great! We just have to be careful, if half of the RPers are raiders, this could quickly turn into a PvP and I DO NOT want that.

Jester, How are you going to participate in the RP with two custom races that dont give a !#@$ about anything else? Actually... I have some ideas =J

Morph, Sounds good throw them up.
I'm just saying Markus...The AI doesn't really take kindly for organic life, due to it being imprisoned by organics and being controlled by them. But she does like these reptiles.

@Jester, I'm thinking that I'm not going to make units for the Reptiles, but I will give them a name and etc...They could help the AI Goddess besides being used for Husks. It will give a lot of power to both groups wouldn't you think?
CR, No no, I completely agree, and that sounds great! But be aware, im not going to let raiders ruin the RP. Throw up an official submission and they're in.
@Mark: Have you been reading the posts I put up or not?




@CR: Ok, then. Your faction, your choice.

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