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@Jester, because If I do it like this as well...then I can help with some situations better than other. What happens if the AI can't get past something? They just use the innocent Lizard folk (I wouldn't call them innocent), it's all about possibilities, I find this to be a unique way of heading towards it. These Lizards can also keep the AI's a secret, meaning that they can keep them safe.

Jester, Yes, much more clear, thank you.
ok Mark other 2 posted and is it ok if the Mozan have a station near where ever the council is.
I'll think about it, I don't see the "other 2 posted"
CR, just an FYI, if you haven't done so yet, check your notes in DA.
11/15/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Jester
CR, just an FYI, if you haven't done so yet, check your notes in DA.
Already did...and I love the one tank, it's not the best thing, but it's not supposed to be the best. For that's why it has the materials cost it has, it's weak because it's meant to be weak, cannon fodder and swarming tanks is a problem in some situations. The scout I also love.

Plus how do you like what I'm going to do with the Lizards?
Wasn't that the plan originally, but having them fuse with that metal we talked about?
they are in the same post i edited them in also you need to update what you have for the Mozan
Change of plans...not all of them, plus there are benefits to not being fused with the metal of course. Think of it as this...if they want to become one with the metal, they would go down and do it...think of it as a mutual benefit between both things.
Ok. And I sent you another note in DA. Read it, and keep it close in Company.
Already got the memo...So, will be posting more guards if needed.
Am I fine with only one char, who is also my races only representative and the "leader" of us?
If I were you I would add another character, but that's me.
@CR: If you can get power-armored troops who are good in hand-to-hand, keep them around. She may not have armor of her own, but she is going to be a !@#$% to your guys.
mark did you see em?
No, I didn't What post did you edit?
the EXACT same one i posted kits profile in page 5 post 85
also add Kits last name please.
and again the Mozan need an update on your race post
Morph, Found it, thanks. But who is Bythorceos?
the lead guard for Oron and i wouldnt put Bythorceos under supreme council members
So he is the lead guard of Oron? Okay cool...

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