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ya he is subject to change tho up until the rp starts
Okay that's fine.

anyone else? I need more political figures!
kit will be in the council but largely in an unofficial capacity at first. and once again you need to look at my posts for the Mozan
Kit doesn't need to be on the supreme council. She is not a politician.
true but she is the only Elerian in the sector.
Not only is she not a politician, but she doesn't represent anybody. I think it would be better if she wasn't on the council.
ehh ok well just because she isnt on it doesnt mean she cant go to the meetings from time to time she is friends with the Mozan council member :P. unless the meetings are barred to anyone not on the council.
Some meetings are open to the public, some aren't.
OK well can't wait for your RP and I'm gonna try to get dragon on here also markups seriously I UPDATED THE BACKSTORY FOR THE MOZAN so you need to do an update for what you have on the Mozan. Sorry for the caps but you not getting that was pissing me off cya tomorrow
Wow, what the hell did I miss?
When shall we start this?
Not much a short debate between my self and mark about Kits eligibility to be the Elerian council member or not and mark not noticing me saying in 5 or so different posts that he needs to update his info on the Mozan
We'll start when:

A) Zarkun posts all his character sheets assuming he still wants to join.
B) I figure out how to get all your characters together xD
C) Everyone submits the proper information and I update it (Sorry morph :P)

Morph, still not sure what you edited, but I just re-copied over the part from "RP factions from all the different RP's"
Mozan have little to no psionic potential. 3-4 lines in the backstory and a small update to the hypathia and Alpha. I'll post what I updated after school. Although it looks like you got everything.
Thank you! I am sorry for not knowing exactly what you updated.
I'm adding the finishing touches to the Eques over the course of today. I was indisposed pretty much all day yesterday.
...Perhaps I could pitch in Noct, Wanderers, and Shadelings from The Ways? I have yet to iron them out, and it'd be a great time to do so.
Markus: Are we there yet?
The site was down yesterday >_<

Jester, Yes, we are just about ready. I might need more characters though :S Only have one...

Morrjo, Try to keep everything away from all mysticism, other then that I'd love to have you!!

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