racking season 5

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i hat new season know Y they make the new season so !@#$ing dum it sucks %^- and it is bracken. It seem like at the start of a new season if u win your game u get put down a League but if u lose u are in the same league as u were in lass season. If wining is so bad to do then y have new season Y. I don't know y u world but it sucks this is one of the resin Y starcraft 2 is so low as it is now people dont wont to have this happen to them when they work hard to get in a new League and to find out that when a new season comes it best to loss that game so u can stay it the same league as u were so yea if u are in say gold or higher don't win the first game of a new season and you'll be good to keep going u and not down.

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