Dear Zerg, Regarding the Infestor.

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11/14/2012 10:28 AMPosted by ARK
As you all know there has been a great deal of frustration regarding your Infestors.

Its about time. Terran players and Protoss players have been putting the hurt on Zergs for way to long. Its about time that they got some themselves.
The funny thing about all this infestor whining is that my worst matchup besides ZvZ is against terrans when they go bio. My computer gets too laggy and, if I make infestors, I can only get like two fungals off before everything dies.
I can't speak for the pros, but generally speaking, infestors don't make much of an impact when I use them. The QQ falls on deaf ears.
Dear Protoss player:

I have heard a lot of complaining, from both races, about Fungal Growth. Before we begin discussing a fragile and clunky T2.5 unit that can root units to the spot, we need to talk about your massable, T1.5 Forcefield units
nah not root massive thats gay how about not root air but it still shows cloaked units and does damage.

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