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hey guys, nowadays 3 basetimings/allins are extremely common, it would be wonderful if you can lend me your opinion on zvp mid-late game transition ground unit composition.

I know ROACHLING. but
Lingheavy < 2 Collossus + some immortals + gatewaysentry <roachheavy
Lingheavy > massimmortal + gatewaysentry > roachheavy
Lingheavy < immortalacrhon + gatewaysentry <roachheavy

spines/7-8infestors are included in the equation
what upgrades do you get?
so at 150/200 supply, what do you make to max with?
(robo bay does not always indicate collosi, so corruptors are only viable when you first see a collosus and attacks might come just a little too quickly to end the game)

Sorry but what exactly are you asking? It seems like you know the answer to your question already =) If you actively scout his composition, then you can basically build/max according to what you state above.

hope this helps

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