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So, This is my Return thread, as I like to call it, and I would like it if someone could please explain to me what has happened in the several months while I was away either for Exams this year or because My account for Blizzard was locked for the other half. Thanks Y'all.
Well, lets see...
Heros have risen, RPs have been revisited, the bar has changed hands...
So, I guess the regular stuff...
Sooo Nothing really big? Can someone do like some kind of head count? Name all the people who are actively posting at this time?
Don't know you sir, but welcome back to Starcraft. I am an active poster.
Good to meet you, Korozain. I've come back from my 3-4 month hiatus, so excuse me if I don't know you. I assume you're new-ish?
Me (hur dur)
Zanon (sort of)
wfawwer (somehow)
Nukester (yeah, he's back)
CrymsonRaven (iffy)
CR is still active, He's just been dealing with internet troubles lately.

What about ThunderCrash? I thought he was in World's End.
Thunder ducked out for an indefinite amount of time.
Thanks, I wasn't sure.

BTW, where's wfawwer posting? (or being posted should I say)
*Sniff* everyone else is gone, though....So many...gosh, I can't even name them all... Thecommander, MATTHASHKUR (however you spelled it), BcACE (Thank god, but still some kind of memory there), MockingJay, Vultureling, HBRB...

*Bursts into tears*
10/30/2012 08:02 PMPosted by Draconus

At your service, nice to meet you

Half expected you to forget about me... Or remember me but wish you not have...

So, Ghostspectre, are you here for good? Or is it like every other returning thread, where you return for about an hour XD
Thecommander is a wild card. He shows up for a few days, goes post psycho, and vanishes.
Post ninja.
What is with TheCommander and his "Internet triumphs?"
Just the coolest stuff on the internet is to be posted there.
Which I can't use.
*ultimate sad face*
hm... alrighty.

Why can't you use them?
Stupid phone doesn't select terms. I have to type everything myself.
Do you have an Iphone?
10/30/2012 07:56 PMPosted by GhostSpectre
Good to meet you, Korozain. I've come back from my 3-4 month hiatus, so excuse me if I don't know you. I assume you're new-ish?

Somewhat. I have been doing Cortex since Starcraft II came out but started doing forum stuff since last summer. (also I have done some other things in the far past as well)
I might as well say something since I'm staying at home sick.
I'm CrymsonRaven, CR for short. I also came along when the older people started to slow down, and as well...we lost a few. :(
I'm Zarkun, only been here about three or four months. Glad to see an oldie return rather than leave.

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