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I'm Markus, I've been here for about two months... I think one and a half actually.
10/31/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Korozain
Somewhat. I have been doing Cortex since Starcraft II came out but started doing forum stuff since last summer. (also I have done some other things in the far past as well)

I feel that wasn't a proper greeting.

Greetings, I am Korozain, been here for about 3 months. Revived an RP. Made one. Made a story, forgot in in a day. Rebooted it recently.
Same to you as well, Nukester...

I still can't believe that ThunderCrash and all the rest of them are forum-dead...so sad...
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Duke, I drop in now and then.
Thundercrash just so recently became dead. :(
He's not dead, he's in suspended animation til he can get back.

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