This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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I keep a fast pace, intending to get back behind the Buzzards quickly. "You see anything?"
"..Negative.. "
I say, doing a quick 360;
"I'd probably be more useful on the outside with my support pack..."
"Stay on that gun. Use the range finder for a further look. Expect pursuit soon."
I say.
I'm fine... Forgot what it was like being around telepaths... I unintentionally send back.

Then 5 aerial Zerg units followed by over a dozen of light ground Zerg are seen behind us... But not going to us...
"Anything yet, Stefan?" I swerve around another tree, hoping to throw off any pursuit.
"..Yeah.. but they're not headed for us..."
I say, nervously.
"F*ck. That's still not comforting." I hit the gas, really pushing it.
{I sense your fear Jared. Why do you dislike them so?} I say.

I understand, Zerg. But damn... He seems very scared of them for some reason...
{Lorian history, they turned a planet like this into a planet so infested, it 'ate' anything that wasn't Zerg. We had to destroy the planet with a ship called Endgame.}
{Well we, The Hope's Fire, won't let that happen... Not here.}
{Right.} I can see the first Buzzard as we finally reach the safe area and I slow down. {We're almost back.}
I had heard Jared's voice...but what would I have to tell them? That I am really Alexandria and not Jen? Or say that I'm neither now...For I'm not Alexandria or Jen. I was someone completely new in my eyes...a new life, like I always wanted.

...So who are you going to pick?
...Can you please stop pestering me about it?
...What, this is what you wanted, what we wanted...
...You're right, but I'm not picking...
...Fine, but I do have one last thing to say...
...What's that?
...We have lost our way to use our psionics due to the transfer, we have also lost our training to fight. This is the price I guess, for wanted a new life? We get to start all over again, but this is an opportunity, an advantage. We get to reshape our destiny!
...I don't know want to say about this...

Memories, I would still have the memories of the past, never knowing what I'll run into...But she was right, we were right. We wanted this new life, both of us. We have been reborn.
I pull into the Chop Shop and sigh in relief. No tails. "We made it."
I say, dropping from the turret.
"Yeah. But what were those Zerg fighting?"
"I don't know. Our Protoss friends maybe?"
I got up from my seat and opened the APC's doors wide open. I was about to get away from all of this craziness, but they would stop me anyway. I might as well stick around so they don't 'worry.'
"Possibly." I start to walk into the main area of the Chop Shop.

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