This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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Posted. Going to a movie shortly, so possibly my last post.

"Devise! That's not true!"
I half-shout, shaking her by the shoulders, concern clearly written across my face.
I was terrified from what could happen.
"Then what do you expect me to do?!" Half sobbing. "There is nothing left for me to do here, and I know that I'm already going to die on this planet before I ever find any true happiness." Then the future I just saw. And I might be the one that betrays you all.
Creaking is heard near the camp, and a tree falls to the ground.
"Ooops. Uh......Sorry." She mutters, and walks around the camp.
"Sure." I say looking at the stone. I can hear voices, and faces as I look into it. It's about the size of my palm. I put it in a hard-case inside my suit's left leg armored plating, then start walking back to the ATV's with Jared.

We get back at near sun-down.
I climb off the ATV and immediately head for the Chop Shop. I wasn't too eager to talk to Jen right now. I'd remembered the argument, and what it had been about. We'd argued about my chasing down Jordan, then about me going with Stefan. We'd nearly come to blows. The sad thing was we'd only been dating for a few weeks, three months at most.
I decide not to bother him, seeing he was troubled. McKenzie seemed bored so I decided to actually have a conversation with her.

"Hey there McKenzie. 'Little bored I see?"
Getting inside, I slam my fist into a wall, the sound reverberating throughout the clearing. "Damnit!"
I hold her close and whisper in her ear;
"I don't believe that, Devise. I... Please, don't do this to yourself!"
I manage to get out.
That reverberation was for Stefan, but ok. And I'm heading to bed, so night ya'll.
oh, ok. G'night.

Hearing Jared, I stifle a curse;
...what the hell now!?.. talk about bad timing!!
Fumbling with a pocket, I pulled out a knife and it was fumbling in my hands. Then it stopped, poised for my neck.
"If you don't do it, then I will!"
I was so delusional, I didn't know what was best and what wasn't. I just wanted the feeling to end right now, and that was the quickest way to do that.
McKenzie shrugs, and says "Quite. I just need something to do. Worst part after the fight is the boredom." She continues her path, increasing her speed to a jog.
I lean against the wall and slide down, tears in my eyes. "Damnit!" A slight flash of flame lights up the shop. The voice came back, inside my head. Your family has a hard time with love. You'll be lucky to find it before death.
I increase my pace with hers, "That is true. Guessing you aren't much of a 'Gamer', I think you should try meditating, look inside yourself and see what your potential could really be. It's what I do when I'm not playing games."
With a swift precise blow, I knock the blade from her hands, sending it flying several feet;
"Damn it Devise!"
I yell;
"Don't you ever do that again!!"
The familiar feel of the blade was gone from me, I felt useless at this point.
"I can't! And why can't you just call me by my real name?"
My head was burrowing into his chest, my face red and stiff from tears of pain to my mind, body, and heart.
I hear Stefan yelling and ignore it. I didn't need to involve myself any further. Hell, he like her well enough, he could have her. I go over to the ATVs and start one up, the sound noticeable to anyone in camp.

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Yes? I'm rewatching Forward unto Dawn.

"I'm.. sorry.. Jen.."
I say holding her close.
Then my voice calmed down, the tears stopped.
"Stefan, you seem to be the only one to bring me new memories that are happy. You're the only reason why I'm still sane..."
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