This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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Hooking up my support pack, I head out to the center of the camp and do a wide spectrum sensor sweep.

Radar, thermal, tremor, etc.
Will pick up just about anything within about 500 meters of the camp.
You catch what looks like a mass of Zerglings and Hydralisks with some small air Zerg and an unknown bio-signature, "marching" to a location close to the desert where the Protoss were, but there are some other thermal readings, slightly colder than humans and have the outline of humans, some of them drop instantly as the Zerg pass by, others fade out.
I climb out the driver's door, looking around and looking at the computer. "What the...Kain, come look at this."
"What? Something good, bad, or confusing?"
"You'll be the judge of that." I rewind a bit and run the thermal feed again, slowing the vanishing signatures. "Well?"
Oh, that's actually for Stefan, Zarkun. Ya...unless Stefan had it sent to the computer.

IC: I watched them, hysterical they were. I just walked on by, ignoring them...they didn't even want the answers they deemed for. So I left the chop shop where the APC was put up at.
The Buzzards are equipped with it too.
"The hell?" I rewind it a few times.

While walking near the center of the camp I noticed something at my side, it was a Gun Sword? When did I get a Gun Sword? This feeling was shut out of my mind as I continued forward, I was going to stay out of the fighting...for I was going to start my new life, the one that I always wanted. And this was how I was going to start it. I wont even have to bother using psionics because I don't know how to use them anymore. Another excuse for me to use.

Smiling, I reached the center. Looking which hut was mine, I found it and walked over to it.
"Tell me you know what those were, because I don't." I fall into a chair, resting my head in my hands. "Can this get any worse?"
"Infested... Those were Plaguers. They turn humans to infested in seconds... And they're going in the direction of the Nerazim."
"Weren't they in the process of leaving though? They could be gone by now."
"True. But there are more humans here, and they could have an army of infested. S we have to do something or bulk our defenses. They know where we are..."
I sigh. He was right. "That first outpost we hit. It has a large construction yard. We missed it because we were licking out wounds, but it's there. Maybe we can build some larger defense drones."
"We? You're the only one who can do this really. I can plan out and such but can't build."
"Good point, but someone's gotta back me up, and I only trust you guys."
"Aright. I'll help you out, just holler when ya need me" I leave off to my hut to start planning.
"Will do." I pull up some of the schematics I'd found, looking at the drones. So far the largest was as big as the Buzzards, but I knew there were larger.
I start drawing a map of. The camp and all the turrets and sensors. I draw a fence with rods and sharp objects protruding out of them that could be made of wood and scraps from the Chop Shop and the outposts we could raid. One entrence.
I come across a file labeled Project Shatterer of Lives and pull it up. I grin when I see it. Just what we needed. I quickly fix any contingency issues, then put it in the front of the file stack. One more should cover it.

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