This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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After an hour of drawing, I go to the chop shop.

I lay down the large drawing. "Protocol: Fortify." I proceed to explain the materials, the size, and the other details (like traps and such).
I nod as he talks. "Sounds good. I can add the Golems to that line of defense as well. Still looking for a way to expand the sensor net though."
"I'm guessing we could expand the Buzzard patrolls when we get the wall up." I say marking some points on the map.
I nod. "Hoping to construct some more too. I still need to finish repairing the one you shot."
The door opened with ease, it felt dark and cold...Whatever it was that Jared and Kain were doing, I want to stay out of it. And I made up my decision.

...Are we going to leave?
"Oh yeah... Forgot to say 'Oops' on that one..." I turn and see... Alexandria

"... Whose that?"
I chuckle and go over to it, finishing the repairs and setting it back to it's route. "It's fine. Like I said, all repairable. Maybe they can catch those Plaguers before they get here." I follow his gaze. "Jen. Not sure exactly what happened, but she got a new body."
I saw the two staring at me, unwanted attention was all it was. I wondered how I should tell them? That the body is from both of them? And the fact remains that I'm neither? For this is my new life, one that will allow me to change more freely.
"Woman..." I say sarcastically at her...
I shake my head and return to the defenses. "I'm hoping to find a way to expand the sensor net from that first outpost."
I just sigh, I was half tempted to just leave the chop shop already. I'm actually surprised that they haven't asked any questions yet. It's probably better that way.
I stare at her with a blank look a little longer. Then turn to Jared.

"That would be a good advantage, but the question is how will we execute it."
"I'll tell you when I know if it's possible."
"Alright." I walk back to Alexandria, and stop next to her.

"How is it? Having 2 of you?"
I shake my head. Didn't want to know what he was talking about.
...sensor net?... hmm... wait, there should be a NR tactical net in orbit, I wonder if it's still working?.. well, only one way to find out...
I think to myself before heading into the shop;
"Jared, does this 'sensor net' of yours have an orbital uplink?"
I ask.
I shrug. "Don't know. More focused on the seismic sensors. I did manage to hook up to a satellite and get some orbital view, but not much else." I run another scan, looking for more seismic sensors to connect to.
I laugh;
"Well unless I'm mistaken there should be a NR Tac-Net in orbit, I can get us in, but the real question is how much of it is still functional."
I say, heading for the main comp.
"Good chance most of it is out of order. I was lucky to find the satellite that's giving us that feed." I indicate a large screen in the back of the room, showing the Zerg's movements and Protoss appearances. "Man, ever since we found that one hive, the two races are coming out of the wood work."
"Not likely, It's a military grade satellite net. Given the right conditions a NR Tac-Net could run without maintenance for easily a year or two. Each satellite works out to be about 1500 credits a pop. They've got stealth plating, a backup for every key component, and some of the best satellite imaging humanity has been able to make."
I say, running my suit's comp through the shop's main system.

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