This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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"Well, let's keep in mind we have no idea how long we were unconscious for before waking up."
I nod, focused on my work;
"Yeah.. but I've got a feeling that this will help, big time... and here we are. stabilizing connection now."

Will wait for Korozain, I want his input on what we get as this is his RP.
Things at our disposal:
- satellite net; high res imaging, thermal scans, comm array, etc.
- NRSN ships in orbit.
- NRMC positions on the planet.
- NR orbital supply stations
DM: There is a ship in orbit, but it is destroyed. The orbital supply stations are either empty or destroyed. And some of the marked camps were former NRMC positions. But the satellite is still intact, but it has been out for a long time and its systems need to be updated, it needs to be connected to this network and it needs to be de-coded. Kain can help with that.

OOC: now for me to wait on CR who may have went to sleep...
"Alright, here we go..."
I say, half to myself, as I input my ID code. After a few moments, a visual of the Tac-Net comes to life, individual satellites coming online one by one.

Stefan is/was part of recon, the rough equivalent of Black Ops. His ID code will open just about anything in the NR.
He did.

IC: "Good, see if you can link them up to the one I established a link to. I think it's an old L1ID satellite."
I laugh;
"What for? I doubt its better than the Tac-Net. If you're worried about hooking up to the net elsewhere, I can set up an access code so that we don't need my ID."
"I was thinking combining the two networks. Ours could also pick up subtle shifts in tectonics and other things that would betray a nydus worms movements and such."

OOC: Won't be on at all tomorrow, so try not to leave me in the dust.
I was trying to play the 'what are you talking about,' look.
"I don't know what you're talking about, Kain?"
"You swapped bodies, your central conscience is now Alexandria and Devise.
Is it bringing you closer to self insanity, both voices, or is it enlightening..."
I didn't know what to do, what do I do? I was afraid, how did he know?
"I still don't know what you're talking about. Maybe I should just leave..."
I think about it. I may have been wrong, maybe Jen or Alexandria took over... But if I was right, I was being too blunt about it.

"Don't disregard them. Listen to them."

I start to walk past her.

"Trust me. I know how it is..."
I bring Kain up close to me, and I whispered into his ear.
"I don't know which voice is mine."
I backed up.
"I'm neither of them, yet I'm both of them."
Then looking deep into his eyes.
"How did you know..."
I look into her eyes. And say coldly,

"The ruthless killer, loyal soldier, and 'Human' I am today, is the product off adding beyond military grade training and hardening to a psychopathic, unstable being. Me. I know the feeling of many voices in your head trying to assume control the husk that is your mortal body. I eventually listened to one of them, and it lead me down the path of where I am now..."

I look away, and remember my old helmet from when I woke up.
I look back at her.

"I once read. To find yourself. Look inside yourself. I hope that could help you."
I finish the scan and finally find something compatible. "Yes! I got something!" I begin linking the existing sensors we had to the newer ones and grin. We now had...10 miles of warning?! "We're going to have plenty of response time now. They had a bunch of inactive sensors, extending a lot further than we thought."

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I was getting angry, he didn't know anything about the situation I'm in...nor does he want the answer that I might say.
"Well this is the new life I always wanted, I can truly start all over again. And they are not taking control. Everyone is different, we're human beings, not...machines."
The last word was like venom to my tongue.
I hear the argument and face them. "Start over? Jen, the whole purpose of us being here is to try and do something worth while. If you're going to mope and yell at everyone then just f*cking leave. Just know that at this point, our odds of survival are less than fifty percent outside of Sanctuary, what with all the Zerg and Protoss that have appeared from f*cking no where."
"You call that moping and yelling? Did I yell at all? No I didn't...and since you want me to '!@#$ing leave', then I'll do that...after I return something that isn't mine."
The Gun Sword was in my hands and I gave it back to him, in a different way. I swung right into the computer, destroying the screen and some wiring. The full extent of the damage was unknown.
"And I thought that if anyone would understand...that would be you, but I was wrong once more."
I made my way towards the door.
"First off, I never said I was a machine, and you don't need to be neither, but... Whoever you choose to be, just remember what I said. It may help you start your New Life."

The last two words came out like I was a Christian trying to say God isn't real. But you can tell I was trying to be nice. Quite hard to do for me. Seeing that I may make the situation worse if I stayed, I disappeared and went to the Shadow Corner.
"Fine. Leave. But if you do, don't come back. And in case you haven't noticed, this planet's crawling with bandits, zerg and god knows what else. So I'd think very carefully about leaving."
I say in a flat emotionless tone before turning to assess that damage.
I turned around, my full body looking at all of them, my eyes with a hateful fire inside of them.
"Jared told me to leave first, I'm just accepting it. And I don't even care if you need me to finish your "Prophecy", for all you've all brought me is pain and suffering!"
I walked out the door and slammed it shut.

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