This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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Why can they not be like me. Get the job done and get over with it. This is survival, not life...
But what is life...? What is it mean besides to have a working brain and a beating heart? Nevermind it. You have things to do...
"The only pain and suffering that you've had is your own self pity! Don't try and be who you were before, Just who you are now!!!"
I yell after her.
I quickly arrived at the armory, I was going to take a parting gift from them. So I grabbed an Anti Material Rifle which was the size of a Canister Rifle. Then I reached for an Gravis Assault Rifle. Carrying boxes of ammunition, grabbing a new set of armor. One that had a cloaking generator on it and a shielding device, I was leaving today.

I found another garage and inside was an armored pick up truck, it was perfect. Loading up all the supplies I started the engine up.

...You don't need them, they are just mad because of us...
...Time to leave them in the dust...

The engine was roaring to life.
{Dont go after her this time guys. Just don't. I'll make things worse. If she wants to come back, then let her. But I'm not going out there with Zerg and Infested roaming about.}
{No problem, if she wants to go get herself killed, fine by me.}
I say, my voice bitter.
{That attitude. Pretty appealing to me, but it doesn't seem to be like you.}
{She just threw a gunblade into the main comp screen and she's probably grabbed some good gear... Especially after I helped her put herself back together again, she's lucky I didn't kill her.}
I growl, my words laced with venom.
McKenzie remains where she was, sitting some distance away from the Chop Shop. She watched Alexandria/Devise storm out, but did nothing. She starts sharpening her sword, waiting for something else to do.
I walk out of my hut and find McKenzie.

"Hey. I am going to need your help. You have a good jetpack right?
She glances up at Kain. "Yeah, what is it?" She asks, standing up, putting the stone she was using to sharpen her sword away.
I show her the defense plans. "I'm going to need your help with the fence. We have enough scrap here to do half of it."
McKenzie looks over the plans, a slight frown on her face as she memorizes the plans. She glances up at Kain, and asks "Fences, and you need a person with a jet-pack. Am I just going to be moving everything around, or actually doing something?"
I smirk. "We'll as I said earlyer. We only have about half the materials needed, and because of petty emotions, the others aren't really mentally capable of fighting at full potential. So I need some help getting the rest of it. (But yes you will mainly be moving stuff when we get the materials.)"
McKenzie nods, and says "Alright, lemme go get my suit back on. Send me where the materials are." She walks away back to the APC.
I mark the waypoint on her HUD. "There is where we can get the most scrap. Lets mount up." I say getting in the APC.
McKenzie gets in the APC behind him, and grabs her suit, stepping into the hold to put the suit on.
{Me and McKenzie are going to go get some supplies from one of the camps. We'll be back later.}

I start the engine, open the door and start off.
{Alright, I'll see if there's anything salvageable from Jen's mess.}
I growl and climb back under the panel, pushing the gunblade up and out and looking it over. "Damn lucky this isn't a major system. Give me a couple outs and I'll have it repaired." F*cking crazy !@# b!tch. We put our lives on the line for her, and this is how she says thanks? "Next time I see her, I'm killing her with her own weapon."
McKenzie walks over to Kain. "They need to control themselves. Jared's emotions are going to tilt him beyond the ravine. Stefan is most likely going to head there as well." She says, her radio off.

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