This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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"We're here" I say as we reach the first camp we cleared.

"Get as much metals as you can."
{Jared, if you can. Try cutting down some trees or something. Or get alot of big wood}
{How big are we talking?}
McKenzie piles out and begins collecting metal, bringing piles of it back to the APC.
{Logs. Big ones. Long preferably.}

I do the same.

"It's funny, now that I think about it. I woke up next to you and got tired and left you by a tree. I thought you were going to die honestly..."
{I'll see what I can find.} Climbing out from under the control boards, I head outside and start chopping down the largest trees.
"Good, I'm glad nothing major was damaged... Well, I'm off to go help Kain and McKenzie."
I say, exiting the shop.
I stop him. "I need your help with the trees."
I shrug or as close as one can in power armor;
"Alright, where to then?"
I ask.

I'm done for the evening.
I indicate where I'd already started. "There."
McKenzie doesn't reply, but stops suddenly, glancing around the area as if she had spotted something.
"You see something?"
She glances around, looking for something. She drops the metal she is carrying, and draws her sword, slowly and quietly.
"Be very quiet....." She whispers. "There is Zerg burrowed nearby, lots of them."
"Keep loading, I'll cover you." I say as I fade into stealth.
McKenzie nods slightly, and puts her sword away. She picks the metal back up, and begins the return trip to the APC. After delivering the metal, she goes back out to gather more, and whispers "Eight zerglings, four roaches and something the size of an Ultralisk. The final one is on the outskirts of the base. Just look for the creep."
I sit on top of the APC, waiting for something to pop up, the Roaches are about to ambush us, but they die as they pop up. They are followed by Creep. "Alright, let's go. Before they find us out..." I get in the driver seat and get ready to go.
McKenzie piles in with the last of the metal. The Zerglings pop up, and begin to attack the APC. Something else erupts from the creep, and roars, moving toward the APC, the creep following it.
"I'm in! Go, before that thing closes up!"
I step on the gas and go.

McKenzie steps over to the controls and starts firing at the Zerglings.
They are gunned down immediately. And now all that's is the large beast.
McKenzie turns the turret around, almost ready to fire on the creature, but it rams the APC, and, with on deft movement, flips the APC over. It roars, then burrows underground again.

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