This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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{Kain, the seismic sensors are going nuts. What the hell did you do?} I'd taken a break to check the read outs and was now scrambling to get the ten other Buzzards I'd just built online.
{Its not what I did... But there's a big Zerg underground.}
{I know, sensors picked him up. You're roughly eight miles out. Please tell me the APC is ok.}
{If 'flipped over and-} Thumping is heard in the background. {.....and being repeatedly hit by a creature whose hands are bigger than we are' counts as 'ok', then yeah, it's ok.} A loud thump is heard, and Mcenzie swears colorfully.
I craw out and then fade, going around to see...
A huge, four-legged creature, almost a hybrid between a Spider and a Zerg Queen. Its claws are large, bigger than a normal person, and it is smashing the APC. Its 'sac' at the end is dripping creep down, speeding the creature up.

I had finished loading the truck, it now left the front gate. Swerving ditches and driving over fallen trees. Time to fine my own little place to call home, one where there wouldn't be any of this fighting. But I was prepared.
{!@#$, You guys need help?}
I ask.
{Mother--Stefan and I are on our way.} I finally get the Buzzards online and head out, leading Stefan to the ATVs. "Ever drive one?"
I laugh and tap my support pack;
"I've got jump-jets.. and when you include my suit's servos, I can easily keep pace."
I say bounding off in the direction of the APC's beacon.
I shake my head and climb on an ATV, drawing Fury II and following. {We're inbound now you too. Hang on.}
I jump on the creatures back and start repeatedly start stabbing it with Darkstar, but then it smacks me after the 4th jab. It's in pain, but my stealth tarts to fail...
With the scream of jump-jets, I burst into the clearing, spraying it's head with penetrator rounds.
Two rounds hit then it lowers its head, its hard carapace makes the rounds lose their power, but it still hurts.
Circling wide around it, I continue it pepper it with gunfire.
{Kain, where the hell are you?! I'd like to hit this thing with an anti-tank round, but I'd rather not catch you in the explosion!}
{Do it. I'm not on it *cough* anymore.}
I blaze into the clearing shortly behind Stefan. {Don't do it! That APC is our only means of mass travel, not to mention that we don't even know what will happen with it's body chemistry. What if fire makes it explode more violently then the anti-tank round?}
{Fine, We'll do this the hard way.}
I stand up and jump into the air, landing on the beast and drawing the energy blades, stabbing them into it's back and holding on. I barely manage it as it bucks. "I didn't think this through!"
The creature roars, and starts charging at something. Oddly, however, the creep begins to surround its body as it charges around the place.

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