This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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Ok... Stefan's making sure Jen is alright, he's a medic remember?

I give her a gentle squeeze, resting my chin on her head;
"Your welcome, Jen.."
I say softly.
My eyes looked deep at my hands, that was when my hand was over Stefan's.
"You said it yourself, they are just memories. But I that one, just set me off. I'm sorry that I was letting my misery lead my actions."

OOC: Just finished Forward Unto Dawn, damn it was good...and quite an interesting twist at the end.
I rev the engine again, and take off, heading back to where we'd had our first big breakthrough. I needed to get away.
I let out a small chuckle;
"Heh, controlling your emotions can be a real pain. You've got it even worse, given that your a psychic.. But hey, everything has a price."
I say gently.

Yeah.. try rewatching it... you see things that you missed before...
I hear the Quad drive off, a slight look of concern on my face. But then I turned back towards Stefan, my head under his.
"Is it possible to create a new memory? One that I will be proud to still be alive because of it?"

OOC: I think a little medic portrait gave you a que?
"I don't know..."
I say, holding her close.
I don't know why I bother with prompts sometimes...

IC: I drive quickly, not caring who or what heard me. Why the hell would she get mad at me? I just can't grasp it. Another memory, this one showing why. She'd cheated on me with Stefan, then come clean when he and I had to leave. I'd forgiven him, but I couldn't forgive her for initiating it. Maybe it's better if I don't go back...
Really, Zarkun? Really?
Stefan's just not that kind of guy... Unless Jen didn't say anything before hand.
I did just say she initiated it. That's why Jared forgave Stefan.
Herp De-Derp Derp Derp.
I see that now...
Yet his conscious is split between want and humility. He's giving you a prompt and etc...Any who...

IC: I saw the same memory flash within my eyes, I pushed Stefan away from me.
"I should leave, I should really go now." I ran off to my hut, making my steps hurried as if I just saw something.

OOC: Will create more concern to Stefan most likely, it's in his nature.
Ok, cool. I can roll with that.

"Hey Jen? Whats up?"
I ask getting to my feet, a little worried.
I reached the first outpost and cut the engine, climbing off and drawing the energy blades. "F*ck why can't I catch a break with this?' I go into the main compound and head to the central computer room. Maybe there were some schematics for a combat walker or something. I mean, they had a huge construction area.
The door of the hut slammed shut behind me, I wasn't saddened and angered. I was afraid? Then a voice started to call out to me, who was it?
IC: shouldn't leave her alone.. she's still a long way from stable...
I think for a moment, before grabbing her knife off the ground and heading to her hut.

I realize just how creepy this has got to seem...

IC: My back against the door, my eyes staring into darkness as the energy disappeared.
"I now know that I can't do anything without making a mistake in my life. I thought it was going to be easy, forgetting my past. Was I wrong..." Whispering to myself.
Couldn't think of a better way to right it...

Slipping her knife into my belt, I knock on the door;
"Jen? what's up?"
I ask.
Hearing the sound and then feeling it on my back. I didn't say a word, for I didn't want to now. What's next? Me being one of Kain's targets?
I knock again, concern edging my voice;
"Jen? are you ok?..."
I move carefully, keeping Kain's theory in mind. I wasn't about to get caught up in the infestation, but I never saw anything the whole way. Walking in, I pull up the schematics for everything and everything and download them to my helmet. Heading back to the quad, I sit down, thinking about what I'd remembered. Why would she cheat on me? That whole time we dated I was loyal and honest. Sometimes brutally so. What happened...I'm gonna say it's save to assume it isn't my memory.

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