This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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I still wouldn't answer, and I was going to do something that I might regret. I was going to leave this night while no one is looking.
"Jen?.. are you even in there?.. I.. love you... please don't be gone..."
I say, my voice full of worry and edged with desperation.
I didn't believe in that anymore, I knew that he liked me...but not in that way. I can't trust no one now, for my memories have revealed to much about my life that I don't want to move forward, or back.
Sighing, I climb back on and start the engine up. I had to know the truth, why she did it. I'd never have peace of mind otherwise. I turn around and head back, unknowing of the tail I had gained. I bass the first line of Buzzards and reach the camp, parking in the smaller garage and climb off, heading to Jen's hut and seeing Stefan. "Jen, you have til the count of three to open the door, then I'm ripping it off it's hinges."
I slowly turn to Jared, my eyes a boiling cauldron of emotion;
"..Jared.. what's this about?.."
I say slowly.
"You'll find out soon enough. We're both owed an explanation. Jen, I'm giving you one more chance."
I wanted out of the fire, so I hid under the bed once I heard Jared threaten to smash the door in. Using various objects to hide my body while under the bed. Not making a sound, I was terrified...almost like when I was a little.
"Jared.. she's been through hell and back.. if anything she deserves a break from all this..."
"That's it." I walk up to the door and kick it in, flinging the bed aside. "Why, Jen? Why did you go to Stefan? I loved you! I gave you everything! WHY?!"
My eyes were wide with fear, I couldn't move and I was speechless.
I roughly grab him by the shoulder;
"What the hell are you talking about!?!"
I almost yell, my face a mix of anger and confusion.
I shake off the hand, a fire ball in my hand, formed of all the anger and hurt I was feeling. "She went to you behind my back two months into our relationship. Never told you about us. It started as dates, then kissing, then making out, then sleeping together three days before I found out. When I did, she had hell to pay, and I was the debtor. She never told me why, simply denied the whole thing, even after you'd told me."
I get up with a jolt and squeeze between both Stefan and Jared. I wanted to get out of there, finally reaching the door.
I open my mouth for a hot retort, but then the memories wash over me. I stager back a half step before dropping to my knees, head in hands;
"I.. hadn't remembered that... Give me a moment..."

might be off for a bit.
A wall of earth stops Jen. "You're not leaving until you remember and then tell me why. I was loyal, honest and faithful. And you stabbed me in the back like it was second nature. WHY?"
Tears started to wet the hard ground floor of the hut, I didn't want to say anything at all. And that's what it was going to stay as.
"Jen, you can't let people hurt like this. I want to give us a second chance, but only if you're willing to be as honest as is possible with me. Stefan deserves that answer too."
"Why do you think I know the answer to everything!? I don't, and I don't know why I did it!"
I snapped, psionic energy starting to circulate around my hands and arms. My eyes bleeding once more as it dripped down my cheek.
"You're a f*cking liar! You know it was in those memories. You know it now! Just like last time! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!" The fireball intensified as a second formed and the air in the hut began to stir.
I stood up, angered by his choice of words.
"I don't know, okay!? I got bored okay? I was lonely from you being gone all the time and my desire was strong. I didn't know what to do. But now I just want to begone and to never return!"

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