This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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"You think that's going to give anyone closure? That's the cowards way out! You're going to stand and face this, and you're going to stop hiding like a scared, weak, little girl!" I was livid. "I explained to you why I wanted to take it slow! You told me you understood! Why would you lie to me?"
I yell, standing in between them;
"What happened is what happened. Right now we need to move forward and let go of our past differences!"
I shout, before letting out a sigh;
"Look, as far as I'm concerned, we should just let this go and start with a fresh slate. I'm sure Jen's not the only one who's done something.. regrettable."
"You weren't the one she stabbed in the back, Stefan. You aren't the one who's heart she ripped out and cut into pieces!" The slab of earth vanishes and I leave, throwing the fireballs at a nearby tree and setting it ablaze. I go in the Chop Shop and slam the door shut, going to the main computer room and sitting down, distracting myself with the sensors and the Buzzards view.
I laugh to myself, hearing the occurring events. "Emotion. The greatest human flaw."

Dammit, I should go talk to him...

I stare at a Buzzard in front of the Chop Shop door.
"FINE! I'm so sorry too!!!"
I yell after him sardonically, before dropping to the ground with a sigh.
I sit and fume, but eventually, end up becoming filled with sadness. She told me she understood, that she thought is was better to wait. Stefan and I were best friends, willing to do anything for each other, even after the first time. Why would she lie to me? I finally break down, crying.
I move over to Jen and offer her her knife hilt first;
I say sadly, at a bit of a loss from the latest turn of events.
I hear his tears, I understand my attitude of the situation would make matters worse, so I go into the Shadow Corner, and study the stone.

I listen to the voices.

Pain. Disconnection... Sin...

Those are the things I heard.
I didn't know how long I cried, just that I did. With the memories came back the pain, and heartache, and sorrow. "Why did you do it Jen?" No matter how hard I tried, they didn't stop flowing.
McKenzie stops wandering around the place, unaware of what was happening. She sits down, cross-legged, and closes her eyes, her sword laying flat in front of her.
"Us. Isn't it?" The voices stop. I assume it was a sign of confirmation.

I walk back to the Chop Shop after a little while.

I lightly knock twice.

"It's Kain."
I manage to gather myself a bit. "Come on in."
I walk in.

"How ya holdin' up?" I say trying to sound caring
I sigh. "I've been better Kain. I just...*sigh* I don't know that I wanted that part of our relationship to be remembered. Guess the voice was right."
"If you have voices in your head, you should listen to them... Most of the time...
But anyways. You know it now, and you let it all out... I think. So try not let it be a hinderance."

I want I cheer him , but I never had feelings for another person... So I have no idea what To say positively.
"Heh, you don't know what the voice said. It said my family was cursed when it came to love. Hell, my ancestor, Cayl, took him three tries before he got it right." I stop, mouth agape. "I think I just remembered something important."
"Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"And what may that be?"
"That name...ah, nevermind. It must not be that important. It's just that I feel like I did something wrong. She went to my best friend behind my back, Kain. How am I supposed to feel?"
"You're asking the wrong guy. In that situation I would feel nothing, because the concept of 'Love' and affection related things are like alien concepts to me. I don't know if its my amnesia or I am not capable of understanding human compassion."

I stare blankly at him.

"Explains why I killed that little girl."
I shrug. "Maybe it does. We've all done shameful things in the past. Hell, I led a whole company of men to their deaths. But the emotional's hard to bear. Who knows, maybe this is a second chance for you, Kain."

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