This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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IC: "Maybe. But one can never forget. I will remember, but it won't stop me from doing what I do now. It may not even slow me down the slightest bit."

I stare off into the distance, thinking while speaking.

"I don't know what you're going through, but I have strong empathy for good team-mates, and friends. And that's enough to let me understand a little...
Get some rest, think to your self. If all else fails, try again. And again. And again. Until the day you die, or she does..." I get up and leave.

OOC: Last post for the night. G'night.
I watch Kain walk away and sigh. He was right, I needed rest. Getting up, I head to the Rec. hut, climbing in one of the beds and closing my eyes, falling asleep with the question in my mind.
My chest was heaving up and down in frustration...I just said something to make him happy. I didn't really know why I did it.
"I don't know why I did it, I just said something to make him happy...but it made matters worse. Can you just please leave me alone tonight? I want to be by myself for some time...that is my ideal place of solitude."
I tossed and turned in my sleep, the memories I had and had made mixing and matching. I woke up a few hours later, rested, but not sure how much better I felt about the whole thing with Jen. Standing up, I head to the Chop Shop and run a check on everything that would have been worth checking. I curse. A veritable herd of Zerglings had gone by last night, bound for that crash site. "Great..." I mutter.
I get up.
I fell asleep on the floor... I'm going to feel that later...

I walk outside and go to the Chop Shop to check on Jared. My vision is slightly blurred because I am still quite tired and I run into the door.
A loud thud is heard on the other end of the door.
I shrug and hand her her knife;
"Can do."
With that I get up and head for the APC.

is the APC in the shop?
OOC: As far as I know, yes.
He was gone at last, it was time for me to leave. It would be safer for me, and everyone. My life would put theirs at risk. Sneaking out I got on a Quad that no one put up and started it up. As it was roaring to life I stepped on the gas and it made its way into the forest.
Nothing personal....
I heard the engine roar, awaking me from my sleeping on the door. I wanted to ask where she was going, but I just waved.
Watching Jen speed off, I consider suiting up and heading after her, but change my mind;
...she's gotta do what she's gotta do...
I think to myself before entering the shop.
The Quad was racing around the trees, creating a path through the brush until I reached another path. The lights I had shut off, they wouldn't help me see and it would be an advantage for me. The lines of energy guiding me through this place.
I just hope that they accept my decision, I'm not coming back...It's dangerous for me to stay near them, and the memories were dangerous themselves. I was to betray them, that was inlaid in my fate. I had already betrayed them
Power revved through the engine, I was psionically enhancing it. The speed picked up and soon after dirt and dust was following it.
Stepping up to Jared, I see the vid;
"Oh hell, when was this?!"
I ask, all thoughts of any past differences rendered unimportant.
Something dark started to call my name, like a sweet dark whisper against my neck. I was being compulsed by this beautiful and powerful feeling inside of me. It was drawing me towards a ruin.
What is this feeling? It's wonderful, almost as if all my desires are flowing through me.
The engine died down, my psionics letting go of the force of the engine. Reaching what appeared to be a mountain pass, the gateway to ancient ruins.
The darkness was still there, night was still above me.
I shake my head and go inside.

I am sleepy today...

"She ran to the garage and took an ATV a few minutes ago. Love is a tough thing to handle."

"Especially when you let lust and desire get the better of you..."
Koro? How are you liking my little twist? And Jen forgot about one thing though, there are probably beacons on the Quads.

IC: The wind was cold against my face, mist was rolling in. Howls were heard over the night sky. Where was I at last? Is this my families burial site? Or is it a darker secret...what if I was someone else, what if I'm just an imposter?!

These questions raced through my head, then they stopped...Was I really Jen Devise? Were those my memories or just the memories of a dead woman? Was I just carrying these memories with my own desire?

Shacking that aside for now, I walked down the rocky path, while the unknown beacon on the ATV started to beep. As if someone activated it from afar.

OOC: Felt like making a really interesting twist.
Very, it adds a lot of tension. But there's one major one to come... Think about the comm recording and you just might figure it out...
Which one? Oh wait, the Earth which post was it in which thread so I can resee it? So far there has been a few recordings but I can't remember it.
oooh... this is getting interesting... trying to figure out where to pitch in.... >:)
Warhawk? Can you help me find the recording so I know what it says? I don't know how far back it is and I already tried looking for it. :\
Found it.
It's in pt3, on page 12, post 238
*Static* "Houston, this is Lunar 1, I repeat Houston, this is Lunar one."

Recieving Lunar 1. Go ahead.

"We have installed the seismic disruptors and we are moving back towards you as we speak."

Good, hopefully this'll calm down the tides. We lost alot of good men...

"Yeah. We may need to stop soon, the orbit's about to go off- *Crash* What the... Zerg! PROTOSS!? Here!? How did they find us!? All personnel report to defensive positions, I repeat all personnel report to defensive positions!" *cut off*

*comms re-established* HOUSTON! We need those reinforcements!

We have a team coming in from the Korprulu Sector.

"What!? We don't have time for that!"

You can hold off for a day. United Earth Command, out. *end of transmission*

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