This is Their Story: Chapter IV

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Hmm...yep I'm lost, I've just read this and I don't understand what Koro means.
I'll reveal in time.
Heh heh...
I think I know whats going on and where we are....
And yet you looked at me first...
I still cant decipher it.

I figured it out.
IC: I walk in to see Jared staring at screens. The Buzzard cameras.
"What ya looking at?"
I approached a stone door, it had beautifully carved etchings across it. My hand touched the coldness of the stone, sending a child throughout me. The palm of my hand was sliced open and blood started to flow out of it, psionic energy flowing out of it. What cut me?

The blood reacted with the door, the etchings started to glow, the door was opening. Through both my psionics and blood it had opened, then I noticed something else, my tattoo was the same as the door. Then another memory flashed inside of me, it was me, my arms exposed. Not a single tattoo like I do now.

"What is going on?" Cold mist followed my words out.
As the door opens, voices spill out, joined with a cold gust of air.

The voices say to you...
The voices were sweet and dark, passion and pleasure to my ears.
Our have found us...

The weight from the cold and darkness was weighing me down, but I stood strong. Moving forward, trying to reach the voices.

OOC: I just said something simple since you made it look like as if you wanted me to have them say something of course.
OOC: Yep.

Zarkun having login problems again or something?
No, he went to see his mom today, he said if anything he'll be on very late tonight.
Hmm...wondering how I should continue with this, I also said that there was still a beacon on the ATV. So when they notice I'm not back yet, they can follow the signal.
I have returned, so I can now reply.

IC: "Damn herd of Zerglings went by while we were all asleep, just close enough to alert the outer line of Buzzards and set off the furthest line of seismic sensors. Now we need to make sure there aren't any hiding out there." I start to turn away and notice the ATV beacon. "Out of curiousity, where's Jen?"
I shrug;
"Don't know, she headed off, probably needed to get away for a bit. Can't really blame her."
"Well, I'd say let her be if she wasn't within a four mile radius of some kind of dead zone. We need to go get her." I look over at the gun sword I'd brought back for her, and a steely resolve appears in my eyes. We'd messed up once, this was a second chance for all of us, and I was making the most of it. Grabbing the weapon I look at Stefan and Kain. "Thanks for the advice earlier Kain, it helped me realize something. Mount up, we have a rescue to do."
The stone door slid shut, the blood slowly starting to soak into the stone itself. It was colder in here than it was outside, it was barely lit as well. "Where am I?"
I saw a smooth stone and I could see myself...but it wasn't what I was expecting. It wasn't me, it was somebody else. I was startled with a scream. Looking back into it I realized it was me, me in another persons body. "Who am I?"
I was scared now.
"Alright, let me get suited up. I'll be as fast as an ATV with my jump-jets."
I say, powering up my armor.
I nod. I press a button on the shoulder pad I am wearing and my armor re-forms around me, the Nano-Suit I was already wearing. And take my packed rifle off of my belt, then press the button on it and it unfolds. I c0ck the chamber and put in my soul canister.

"Let's do it."

(I wear a Shade Gheist Shadow Warrior Nano Suit [Spec'd for stealth, CQC and silence] with fragments of my starting ornate armor)
I nod and head into the APC, starting it up and running a system check. I wasn't gonna lose her, not a second time.
Suiting up, I hook up my support pack and run a systems check; all green.
"Alright, I'm ready to roll."

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