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Character sheet list.

Poltergeist Mercenaries.


John Flint Sr. {Terran,Zerg,Protoss}
Poltergeist Regent, Captain of Fury of Terra
Abilities: Morph, Psi-barrier, Psi-enhancement, Plague, Psi-storm, Rapid Regeneration, Psionic Assault, Deploy Serpent Soldier, Purification (Only available when on board Fury of Terra)
Armament: Revolver, Psi-blade, Morphed weaponry, Prototype Grenades, Prototype Storm Gauss Rifle

John Flint Jr. {Terran,Zerg,Protoss}
Mechanic, Mech/ShipPilot
Abilities: Morph, Repair, Defense Matrix, Mechanic's touch, Psi-Barrier, Mechnopathy,
Armament: Shotgun, Pistol, EMP grenade, Nanite combat knife, Psi-blade, Psi-rifle, Morphed weaponry

Kayle Manassa {Terran}
Shock Trooper, Terminator
Abilites: Teleport, Suppressive fire, Incendiary rounds, Specialization-Earth (Passive), True Strike, Integrated Jetpack, Extra armor, Energy shield, Encumbered (Limited movement speed), Heavy blow (focuses all your suits power into a heavy hammer swing that will cripple if not instantly kill an enemy, AoE damage as well. Long cool down and ability leave you exposed to your foes for a short time.)
Armament: Ragnor, Claymore of Earth, VMN-200, XCY-300 Assault Rifle, Storm Gauss rifle , Grenade launcher, Shock hammer,

Name: Torvus Jentus {Terran}
Special Forces, Assassin
Abilities: Cloak, Master Assassin (Passive) Blademaster (Passive) Force User (Passive), low light vision, Muscular modifications, Poison rounds, Coat blade (Poisons the currently equiped blade with a neurotoxin that will paralyze the first person that come in contact with it. One use per coat. Does not stack.)
Armament:Suppressed assault rifle/Suppressed Sniper rifle Suppressed pistol, Flashbang Grenade, Special forces combat knife, Poison Grenade, Incendia, Blade of Fire, Glacies, Blade of ice, specialized throwing knives, Plasma sword a.k.a lightsaber, Assassin's blades,

Name: Korzis Ravius {Terran/Protoss}
Special Forces/Black Ops
Abilities: Psionic Barrier, Psionic Bolt, Telekinesis, low light vision, Muscular modifications, Thermal Vision, Poison rounds, Advance Cloaking device
Armaments: Suppressed assault rifle/Suppressed Sniper rifle, Suppressed pistol, Flashbang Grenade, Special forces combat knife, Katana

Name: Zaros {Terran/Ral'Zar}
Special Forces/Commando
Abilities: Cloak, low light vision, Muscular modifications, Enhanced modifications,
Armament: Katana, Silent Plasma Rifle, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Flamethrower, Pistol, Combat Knife, Flash Bang,

Name: Kazlak the Outlaw {Ral'Zar}
Abilities: Piloting, Warp in Phantom, Build Shade Turret, Repair, Defense Matrix, Mechanic's touch, Deconstruct (Slowly disassembles structures both ally and enemy), Place MAC turret (STA+STS attacks slow rate of fire but deal high damage. Extremely effective against vehicles), Place Bunker, Place Barricade.
Armament: Shotgun, Pistol, EMP grenade, Nanite combat knife, Welding torch, explosive pack, Ral'Zar Energy Cannon (a large weapon that fires a blast of energy but takes a fair amount of time to cool down), Ral'Zar Plasma Pistol (a small weapon that fires small bursts of plasma and very easily able to vent out when over heating allowing a fast cool down),

Name:Dar'Los, the Fighter {Ral'Zar}
Foot Soldier/ Standard Infantry
Abilities: Banshee Scream, Advance targeting optics, Basic energy shield, Psionic Dampener rounds, Fast reload,
Armament: Assault rifle, Pistol, Fragmentation grenades, Large combat knife, Plasma grenades, Flame thrower attachment, Blood Rifle (fires crimson metal shards at opponents which explodes into minute shards after 15 seconds),

Name: Jennifer Atel {Terran}
Foot Soldier/ Medic
Abilities: Defiler, Restorative Nanites, Optic Flare, Medic Shield, Advance targeting optics, Basic energy shield, Psionic Dampener rounds, Heal, Administer Stims, Poison Rounds,
Armament: Assault rifle, Pistol, Fragmentation grenades, Large combat knife, Medic Shield,

Name: Laura Atel {Terran}
Foot Soldier/Medic
Abilities: Miniature Viper, Restorative Nanites, Optic Flare, Medic Shield, Advance targeting optics, Basic energy shield, Psionic Dampener rounds, Heal, Administer Stims, Poison Rounds,
Armament: Assault rifle, Pistol, Fragmentation grenades, Large combat knife, Medic Shield,
Repulsion Shield, Nanite Beam (Boosts almost all stats of whoever it is trained on), "Disengager" (Fires a round that knocks target back a set distance)

Name: Cynthia Ravius {Terran/Protoss}
Special Forces/ Spec ops.
Abilities: Psi Tap, Maiden's Will, Void Step ,Cloak, low light vision, Muscular modifications, Stun rounds, EMP rounds, Lock picking,
Armament: Tomahawk, Semi Automatic Crossbow, Suppressed assault rifle, Suppressed pistol, Flashbang Grenade, Special forces combat knife,

Wynn {Terran}
Special forces
Weaponry- Sniper rifle, Blanket, hidden knife, Suppressed pistol, Flashbang Grenade, Special forces combat knife
Abilities-Birthright, Light end, Cloak, low light vision, Muscular modifications

Collective Triad.

Name: The Director {Terran?}
Leader of The Collective Triad
Abilities: Deploy Watchers, Summon Elite Guard, Place Decoy, Final Solution,
Armament: Hidden psi-blade, Cyanide injector,

Name: Viola Harmdas {Appears Terran truly Alki}
Abilities: llusion Disguise (passive/active), Disorientation, Battlebarge Support, Cloak, Thermal vision, Toxic injection, Demoralize enemy, Rally forces, Kill defectors,
Armament: Snare rifle, Silencer's pistol, Stun grenade, Silencer's combat knife, Maya, Blade of Illusions, Spider Grenade, SAC-800 Suppressed Assault SMG.

Name: Cain Light {Terran?}
Abilities: Angel's soul, Art of the Lifegiver, Dominating pressure, Advanced cloak, Computer hack, Thermal vision, Toxic injection, Silent footsteps,
Armament: Snare rifle, Silencer's pistol, Stun grenade, Silencer's combat knife, EMP/Stun Grenade, Smoke grenade

Name: Justin Willow {Terran}
Field Medic/Field Surgeon
Abilities: Sharp Instruments, Heal, Optical flare, Poison rounds, Increased heal speed, Shock Paddles (Change to revive a fallen ally or kill and enemy),
Armament: Syringe (Is generally filled with h2o2, to poison enemies.), scalpel, Customized Black and Red assault rifle w/ scope, Poison grenades (filled with mustard gas), and a pistol

Groups that will or have picked a side in the RP

The Alki

Name: 4N9D2-K0L39-3S4B6 {Vaxarus}
Diplomat Platform/Offensive Specialization
Abilities: Mode Swap, Nanite Refinement (Power), Overdrive (Power), Lightning (Performance), Flow Beacon (Performance),
Armament: Heavy Pulse-blades (Power) Light Pulse-blades (Performance)

Name: Tratos {Terran (Mutant)}
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Leader
SubClass: Outcast Commander
Abilities: Rally, Beacon, EMP Grenade
Armament: XRM-99 Assault Rifle, E.L.E.R.D.S., Katana

OOC: For my sake and others the following text styles will be used to portray these people.
Normal text will portray DMing.
Bold will portray John Flint Sr.
Underline will portray the Director
Bold underline will portray John Flint Jr.
Italics will be for the names of ships, telepathic communication, and/or thoughts.

Note: When Italics is used with any font or a listed character it reads as though it is coming from that person.
"Right I can probably find her faster than you can. Here take the explosives and Delta will help you when you need him to." I toss the explosive pack over to Kayle and search for Cynthia's mind. I find that she is on the floor that we were just on but still a good distance away.
I catch it and nod, leaping over and slamming through the doors. "Good luck, Flint." I move towards the engine room.
"You two Kayle." I liquify and pass through a cracked elevator door and start to make my way to Cynthia.
I keep a steady stream of fire on the horse, readying to switch to the missiles and tear the place apart. {Glad this thing is almost over. You gonna need any support anywhere else after this?}


I move quickly, keeping an eye out for security forces. "Delta, left or right at the next corner?"
"Left Mr. Kayle. then in 20 meters is a door on your left that is the entrance to a maintenance shaft that should lead to the engine rooms with minimal exposure to confrontation from the occupants of this vessel."

{We might where my father is but I am not sure.} I fire off a few more rounds into the engineers finishing them off. {Alright clear the area I am going to activate the charge. Don't worry the blast radius and shock wave will stay with in the clearing but anything in those will be torn to shreds so make sure your clear of the area.} I pull up my PDA and start entering the activation code for the charge then take my walker out of the clearing and into the woods and wait for Corso to clear out before I set the charge off.
The final binding was cut, so I ran out the door but not before a arm with a blade imbedded in it pinned me down to the wall as well, it was slowly cutting through my armor. It was nothing like the blade that had Cynthia pinned down though, and it was more was killing her.
{Roger.} Confirming nothing was left I boost up into the sky and back aways, so I can watch the explosion. {I'm good.}


"Thanks Delta." Following his instructions, I start working down the shaft.
Cain had by this time, entered the collective base. He glanced around him wearing a jacket emblazoned with the mark of the collective.

It was supposed to be an information gathering stage. Nothing more. He left a note on Flint's desk earlier, and stapled it to the top of the lamp.

As his eyes wandered through multiple weapon schematics, and battle plans, something caught his eyes. Something that bothered him.
The more he read, the more disturbed he was. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead.
I enter the room to see a large being standing over Cynthia slowly crushing her under it's foot. I create a psionic barrier forcing the creature to lose balance and fall. I draw my revolver and activate one of my psi-blades before attacking the creature.


The documents that Cain was looking over were a deployment and schematics for a large ship that the Collective was producing. The ship was almost large enough to be small planet and had the fire power behind it to make the Lorian Endgame look like a better option to go up against. There are two ships currently in deployment and another in production. Both of the deployed ships were near Tarsonis for the time being but one was going to be deployed to an area that is a known supporter of Poltergeist.


I activate the explosives destroying the rest of the encampment that was in the clearing sending a decent size pillar of smoke and fire into the air. Several Poltergeist troops are talking in the comm units about it. They can clearly see it from the city and are watching it currently.
I reach the engine room and look for the key point. "Delta, where am I setting it?"


I watch the camp explode and sigh. Finally, it was over. {Looks like we can finally breath easy. Thanks to Poltergeist. Thanks, John.}
Delta scans the room quickly from Kayle's suit. "Place the charge on the center engine unit near the fuel deliver lines. It should do the most damage at that location."


{Not a problem Corso. Just glad I can help a friend.} I turn and start to ead back towards the city.
I nod and quickly set to work. Within a few minutes, the charge is hidden and primed. "Alright, quickest way out, Delta?"


I fly back, just over John. {Now, where is it your dad is? The Dragons are always willing to help.}
Cynthia hit the ground with a thud, she was bleeding quickly and it was going to be dangerous to move me.

I noticed everything that was going on, I managed to slip by during the carnage. But I already knew that I was going to get caught anyway.

The Abomination swung at him, a bladed tendril coming out of it's back and reaching out to grab him as well.
"Same route you came in."


I dodge the tendril and use my psionic enhancement, holster my revolver, activate my other psi-blade. I strike harder and faster at the leaving large gashes and chunks of it missing. I keep dodging its strikes while continuing to remove portions of it with my psi-blades.


{I'm not really sure where he went. All I know is that is an important objective for us."
{We'll have to try and link up with him once we're back to the city.}


I sigh and climb back up the shaft, reaching the hallway. "Alright, now direct me to Flint. He may need help."
"Make your way to the service stairs fifty meters down the hall and on your left. Go up three flights then go right as you exit into the hall... Would this be easier for you if I set a waypoint using Flint's tracking device in his armor?"


{Defiantly I just hope that he isn't to busy right now.}
The Abomination finally fell, Cynthia was breathing heavily, bleeding fast.
"Yes." I manage to find the first set of stairs, following the directions as best I can. "Waypoint would definitely be nice."


I land on a landing pad on the wall and climb out of Draconum as John comes out of the tunnel. Now to get around to pushing them back else where.
"Setting the way point now. Is there anything else I can for you Mr. Kayle?"
A small diamond appears on Kayle's HUD marking Flint an showing the approximate distance and his vitals.


I let off a small sigh of relief before turning my attention to Cynthia. I grab the bio-foam that I had stored in my tactical hard case and start to patch up the wounds that I could with the foam. I scan the area psionically looking for any more minds that are hostile and for the Watcher that I came here to take from our new foe.


I power down my mech after taking it aboard [i]Illador and activate my comm to send a message to the leader of the Outcast group that had contacted me earlier.
{Greetings again. I have finished my task if you wish to meet now.}[/b]

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