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I look at the surface of the planet, and sigh to myself. Around my ship, more ships had appeared that we had....salvaged. I turn to my crew, and say "Report."
"The entrance of the bunker has been partly glassed, and the atmosphere has been burned off." One of them says. I sigh again, and say "How many breathers do we have?"
"I think we'll have enough, sir. Lemme check with armory." The communications officer says, then opens a channel to them. I turn on the ship-wide channel and say "I need a team ready to head groundside. One salvager, two medics and a Warrior should do. Meet in hanger 4." I close the line, and the communication officer says "We may have enough spare. Sending them to hanger 4." I nod, and head out to Hanger 4, grabbing my weapons as I walk out. My bodyguard follows me, keeping to the shadows.
The planet surface is still around where the bunker entrance is. Aside from being partially glassed it doesn't appear to be breeched.
I watch, looking out of a sensor on the drop-ship. I glance over at the Salvager, and ask
"Do you have a drill?" The Salvager replies with "I've got a plasma cutter. It should do if we can't get the door opened using any controls." I nod to him, and put my breather mask on, as does the Warrior. She appears to be sharpening her arm, which was a blade, with a whet stone. I feel the ship stop moving, and the ramp opens. The Warrior gets up, and walks down the ramp, followed by the Salvager and myself, and the Medics came off last. I glance around, seeing the second drop-ship landing nearby. The Medics carry the spare masks in a large crate between them.
I look at the Warrior, and gesture for her to try the door. She walks up to it, and looks over it.
The door is in bad shape. The controls are completely unusable and doesn't have a compression chamber between the exterior environment and the bunker. Opening the door with out setting up a temporary atmosphere would cause all the air inside to be depressurized and kill those that might be inside.
"Door's screwed. Controls are unstable, and I don't think there's a compression chamber between them." The Warrior says, then was about to continue when the Salvager speaks up. "We'll need something for an artificial atmosphere. Want me to go fetch it?" I nod to him, and he piles into a drop-ship, and it flies off.
Luna wakes. Immediately, she scowls. "That's how they wanna play? Let's play."

The Jigen-tou boosters rev into effect, and we return to Koprulu. "Now go do what it was you wanted to."
I am confused to the point of dropping out.

So... I'm gone!
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I am confused
I don't blame you either, a lot of confusing stuff... And I mean a lot.
I nod. "Thanks. Flint might like speaking to you." I head to the hangar and take off in Bladerunner, entering warp jump to Feiur. {Flint, I'm on my way back to the Terra now. ETA, one hour.}


"Will do Flint." I leave the bridge and start getting the men in order. This was going to be fun.
{Enjoy your flight. I'm going to be "out".}
{What do you mean by 'out', Shadow?}
{Dimension hopping. I'll be back soon. Just looking for something.}
{Right...well, stay in touch.}
{Copy that Torvus. Also we have her sitting in the detention area so she will be there when you get back. Hope you found what you were looking for.}
I shift in my chair as the ship enters high atmosphere readying to drop our troops onto the unsuspecting base. I have them scan the area again to make sure nothing has drastically changed. The scan shown that their structures were still there and there was some movement but not as much as before. Perhaps the majority were resting, or the Director had ordered them to move either way the operation had to continue. We couldn't leave their weapons cache that they left behind intact.
"Commence bombardment now."

"Commencing bombardment now sir." All weapons on the lower part of the hull begin firing salvos downward onto the collective positions on the higher plains.


Sounds can be heard faintly behind the door. It sounds like a few of the survivors had came up to investigate the door.
I turn back to the door, and glance at the Medics. One of them speaks up, walking toward the door, her voice heard over the door.
"Hello? If you're in there, this is Poltergeist forces. Don't open the door, there's no atmosphere here and we're trying to get a generator for it down here."
I stare at the comm speaker in disbelief. {You...You have her?}


I was trying to get the men in their spots, but the Shock Trooper armor mixed in with the standard made it hard. "Come on, get to your pods. We drop in 5 mikes."

{Yeah almost lost Cynthia to. It seems that we also have a new competitor in this war as well. They took her first then Hawk, Kayle, Cynthia, and I went and grabbed her from them. She is safe Torvus.}


A man's voice is heard through the door.
"Ok but hurry please. I don't know how much longer we can last in here. Something followed us down here and has been slowly picking us off. Everyone that is still alive is up her next to me."

"Hey this lumbering armor doesn't move that quickly ya know." One of the Shock Troopers says rather sarcastically to Kayle

"Hey man that wasn't needed just get in the pod." A near by Spec Ops Commando replies.

{New competitor? Like the Collective wasn't enough. What happened to Cynthia?}


I sigh and shake my head. "Thanks for that."
Poltergeist File
Agent Luna

Luna, finally awake, intentionally raises her heart's tempo, concentrating on one of the faceless soldiers in the back. It wasn't about rage, she just wanted to send a message.

One Poltergeist Boardingmember falls to the floor. His helmet slides open, revealing an opening the size of a half dollar at the base of his skull.
I look around, then look up as I hear a drop-ship fly in, landing nearby. The Salvager and two machines move a generator near the door, and turn it on. The Salvager fiddles with it, and says "We have about 12 hours standard before it needs to shut down to recharge. We-" I cut him off.
"Hook it up to the dropship. We need everyone out." I turn back to the door, and nod to the medic. She speaks up again, and asks to those behind the door.
"Does the door work on your side?"
One of the Foot Soldiers jump up when the man hits the ground and shouts when he sees the mans head.
"What in all that is holy.... How they heck did he just die? If this is something the Collective can do you might as well count me out." He starts to back away from the drop pod and fallen soldier.


Joan looks up at Korzis. "Hey where have you been?"


{She got badly wounded, she is in medical bay now. Doc's should get her back moving again but she will have to sit out for awhile.}


The man fumbles with the controls a minute. "Yes I think I can try to open the door."
A loud noise heard. "OH GODS ITS HERE!!"

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