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Korzis replies, "More or less arguing with my father, sleeping, training, and nothing else."

I observe his facial patterns, he seemed some what ashamed, or nervous about something, but amazingly it did not show in his voice.
I curse, and yell "EVERYONE BACK UP FROM THE DOOR!" Everyone sprints away, and I pull a rocket launcher off my back, and fire a medium-power rocket at the door. It smashes into the door, and sends it off its hinges. "Karrisa, you're in first." I say to the Warrior, and she nods, rushing in with her blade ready to slice targets up. A medic follows in, and me and my bodyguard enter in behind them. The other medic and the Salvager stay outside, keeping their guns ready.
Joan raises an eyebrow. "Why would you be arguing with your father?"


A man can is seen near the door looking rather panicked. He look over at Tratos as he entered. "Oh thank the gods your here I....." A twisted gnarled looking hand appears behind the man and grabs him pulling him into the dimly lit area that leads deeper into the bunker. Screams of pain and agony are head from him before quickly falling quiet. The other survivors cower at the sound and a woman is muttering something nonsensical about the beast that is deep below.
I glance at the group, and look back. "Karrisa, we're right behind you. Max, Marisa, get the survivors checked then get them to the transport. Need an SMG here." The Medics nod, one of them tosses one to me, and they start checking the group. Karrisa readies her blade arm, and moves in slowly. Following right behind her, I tap her arm and slip her the SMG. I have a few clips on me, so I should be able to reload the gun for her if she slips it on her back. My bodyguard follows behind me, unhearable and almost unseeable due to her training.
"Everything. From how he abandoned us, to the fact that he is a cold-hearted @sshole." Korzis responds.
I shake my head. {What the hell happened to her exactly? I'd like to know if I'm going to be fighting it.}


I step behind the retreating foot soldier. "It isn't the Collective, but it isn't an immediate threat. Get your @ss in that pod, or you're dropping without one."
Poltergeist File
Agent Luna
Required Access Rank: 8E

Satisfied, Luna goes into hiding once more.
Awaking from a quick nap in his room aboard the Illador Tier sits up and sighs. I just joined and went through a quick training rotation. Then I get assigned aboard this ship well time to go get some food then see if I am needed somewhere. Tier thinks to himself as he grabs his sword, clips it to his belt and heads to the ships mess hall. He is currently wearing a set of Poltergeist issue fatigues, his armor and rifle stored in his closet like locker.

OOC: hope this is fine for starting out wasn't quiet sure how to introduce my char. and im assumming that poltergeist has regulation fatigues but if im wrong then i can edit
I'm pretty sure they do...FYI, use Italics on ship names as well.
le facepalm ya i forgot about that *facepalms again*
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{I am not sure what happened but their troops get turned it rather unsightly beings. I don't have anything on record about them but I'll have to have the egg heads look deeper in our archives to be certain. I'll let you know more when I know.}


"He is still your father Korzis. Besides I bet he didn't abandon us by choice." Joan replies.


"How do you know it isn't Collective? Besides you cannot make me get in there either. " The Soldier replies.


The lights on the ceiling barely light the hall as the continue forward. Ahead of them an elevator sits with its doors open revealing a mangled corpse of one of the survivors.

"But he did have a choice. He basically abandoned Cynthia and I when we were only children, going off to help kill some people almost every month! And then, twenty years ago he disappeared and when he came back five years later, he was completely different! It's almost like he lost everything about him that was human! He barely even cares for anyone he used to love anymore!" Korzis starts yelling, his rage at the point in which the Demon started to enter him.
{Roger. Dropping out of} I appear over Feiur and head for the Terra, transmitting ID codes to keep from getting blown out of the sky. {Prep Viola for my meeting with her, please.}


I look at the Soldier. "You really want to say that to a man in a Shock Trooper suit?" I pick him up by the scruff and take him over to the pod, dropping him in. "Stay."
Karissa enters the elevator, and looks up, the light on her shoulder illuminating the ceiling of the elevator. She signals for the others to advance, and we do. We gather up in the room, and I investigate the buttons to see which still works.

"Korzis calm yourself." Joan quickly replies. "Getting possessed by that demon isn't really going to help in dealing with your father is it?"


The Soldier slips through Kayles grasp. "Ha you think that armor is really going to help you if we fight something that can do that." He points to the to the dead man.


The elevator has full function can go to any floor. There is an eerie feeling that you are being watched by something rather.... sinister.


{Right I will take her to a more private area.}
"Executive officer you have the deck. I shall return shortly." I leave the bridge and head towards the detention block to move Viola to a separate area for here meeting with Torvus.

I shake my head. "I know what caused that. I just need someone's help dealing with her. Now get your @ss in that pod or I'm throwing you out of the airlock."


I land and lower the ramp, almost running out to meet my daughter. The only question left was how to explain things to my wife and son.
I tap the button for the next floor and turn to the rest of the team. "We'll clear this place floor by floor and try to find survivors. If we can't, then we'll get out with the people we found." Karissa nods, and readies her blade as the elevator begins to move downward.

Outside, the survivors had been evacuated to the ships in orbit.
The elevator slowly creeps downward to the next floor. The feeling that something is stalking you like prey is still present.
The elevator stops and the door opens to another dimly lite hallway.


I arrive in the detention block and head strait for Viola's cell. I relieve the guards and open the door. "Alright time for you to meet someone Viola." I motion for her to follow me.


"Right you know threatening like that is against regulations right, least since that act that was passed almost fifty years ago. Besides you cannot make me drop anyway." The Soldier backs away more from Kayle keeping out of his reach.

"Great... A talk..." I didn't care about anything right now, who was this person that was going to take a moiety of my time in order to talk?
I chuckle. "Look, you have orders to drop directly from Flint, and one way or another, you're going to drop."


I reach the detention area and ask a regulator which room Flint took her to.
I set out of the elevator and lead the way, my gun in hand and my shoulder light on. We approach the first room, and we stack up at the doorway, setting NV goggles on, then enter one at a time, glancing around the room, looking for targets.

I lead Viola to a room that is practically empty aside from two chairs and turn to address her. "He will be here shortly. In the mean time take a seat if you will."
I turn to exit the room leaving Viola in there alone.


The regulator points down the hall and gestures towards a partially open door near the end of the hall.


The first room is empty of life yet a few things show signs of recent distubances. Data disk litter the floor and desks in the room with hastily scrawled labels on them.


The Soldier gives Kayle one last reluctant look before quietly entering the drop pod. He mutters something bitterly that cannot quite be made out.

I shake my head and look at the other troops. "This is what the Collective wants from us. Distrust and infighting. Are we going to give them that?"


I nod and head towards the room, catching Flint on his way out. "Think she'll take me seriously?"
We spread out around the room, gathering the disks. After gathering them, I look around, and see another door. I signal for them to follow, and we move on to the next area.

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