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After taking a few minutes to eat Tier heads off to the bridge guessing it to be the best place to get orders.
Korzis starts taking deep breaths. "Yes, your right. I'm sorry. It's just that everything that has been happening, you and Flint were attacked, my dad comes back as a heartless @ss and I have no clue where my sister is."

Zaros simply floats through space in the Fire Blade. Not a single f*ck being given.

"Cynthia is on Feuir with Flint right now? I thought you knew what was happening." Joan replies plainly.


The Executive Officer turns to address Teir. "Do you need something soldier?"


"She probably won't at first if at all. I wish you luck Torvus." I lean against the wall near the door.


As Tratos goes to open the door something pushes back with more force keeping the door shut. Claws are heard scraping across the metal door and walls in the next room as well.

I nod. "Thanks. I'll let you know when I'm done." I walk into the room and close the door, turning and looking at Viola. "Well, it seems we meet again."
"No, I didn't. I have been too, well busy isn't the word, but it is the only one I can think of." Korzis replies.
"where am i needed sir?" Tier asks the XO and saluting.
"Thumper or Draco charges, sir?" Karissa asks. I glance at the door, and look around the room, judging the place. I turn my attention back to the door.
"Draco. Get it set, and when it goes off, get ready to kill." I reply, and Karissa nods, taking a pack off her back. She pulls something out of it, and sets it on the door, extending lines out from it to the walls around the doorway. She nods to herself, and backs up.
"Fire in the hole." She says, and clicks the detonator. It kicks the door in, sending it flying, and produces a large fire straight down the hall, burning anything on the other side of the door.

The fire suppression systems activate releasing carbon dioxide to stop the fire and the howl of a wounded creature is heard. The fog creates a temporary fog in the hall that is dense and hard to see through normally or with low light vision goggles. Before the fire is completely gone a shadowy figure crosses the hall disturbing the fog.


"No orders as of now soldier. You might want to check your gear though. We will be arrive at Feiur in a few hours." The officer replies returning the salute. "If you need anything feel free to ask." He turns his attention back to the bridge making sure things are going smoothly.


"Preoccupied? Anyway I guess Feuir had some interest to the Collective, not sure why with most of its inhabitants prefer to remain secluded from the other races." Joan replies.


Many of the troops in the drop pod shift nervously as they await the launch.

I check the drop pods one last time before climbing into my own. {We're all set, Flint.}
Korzis nods. "Could I get down there?"
I draw my rifle, and start spraying down the hallway. Karissa draws her SMG and does the same.
I turned my head, it was that man again. "Are you here to gloat in my face?"
I shake my head. "I'm here to talk and tell you something your mother only recently decided to tell me. First, you need to leave the Collective. When they're done with you, they'll kill you. I've seen it before, not necessarily with the Collective, but it will happen. Second," I hesitate, not sure how to say what I was about to tell her, "I'm....your father."
The restraints tugged on my hands as I slowly pulled from them, it didn't work. "One, you don't know what is best for me or my people... And you have no idea what they will do... Two, is this some trick to get me talking? To get me all emotional so I spill out secrets? I don't think so... You'll have to do harder than that."
I shake my head. "Not a trick. And I do know what they'll do. They're a power hungry, egotistical government body with an anti mutant, and alien, sentiment. Kyra and I have talked, and it was only recently that I found out I'm your father. She never told me, and well, there could be issues in other places then the battlefield because of this." I sigh. "Viola, I am your father. I don't doubt it for a moment. For a number of reasons that I'll share only if you want to know them."
"And you should realize that I was trained to ward off mind games, as for my mother... It's not hard to get the information if you look in the right direction..." The restraints were pulling my wrists in closer now.
I shake my head. "It isn't a f*cking mind game. You are my daughter Viola. I met Kyra on Echo IV, and there we had a...night together. Or several to be accurate. She must have gotten pregnant then. She hid the truth from you and never told me at all." I notice the restraints. "And don't even think about it. You won't get ten feet without a Regulator catching you."

"You might be able to get there in a day or so with low warp drive but it would take weeks with out those." Joan replies.


{Right we will commencing the drop soon. Still bombarding the surface areas at the moment.}


Another howl is heard before quieting and a dull thud of a corpse hitting the steel floor. Another howl is heard echoing coldly through the halls.

{Roger that. Time left?}
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"No orders as of now soldier. You might want to check your gear though. We will be arrive at Feiur in a few hours." The officer replies returning the salute. "If you need anything feel free to ask." He turns his attention back to the bridge making sure things are going smoothly.

"Ok will do sir." Tier says before turning around and walking from the bridge on his way back to his room. when Tier arrives at his room he takes his equipment out of his locker and spreads it out over his bunk. Tier methodically checks and rechecks that everything is in the best condition he can get it in.
I glance around the corner, reloading my rifle. Karissa releases the magazine on her SMG, and tosses it to me. I load a fresh magazine into it, and toss it back. I enter the room, and scan the area, the others following me.
I'm looking back, and I saw a reference to the Sara Act. Exact wording:

This Act removes the Poltergeist Rank known as Negative from the official list, promoting all former Negatives to 1A. The Act also calls into existence a Damages Court, in which nine random members of Poltergeist will decide which party is in the right on matters of serious disagreement. Punishments shall be implemented by one in-court Bookholder, again selected at random.

As the group enters the room a Survivor runs for the group when a gnarled hand grabs him and pulls him up into one of the ducts. His scream is heard for a short moment before it is cut off and the sound of flesh being torn is heard.


{Three minutes left before drop.}


As my ships drops out of warp right into orbit over Feuir I finish issuing the new orders for the ground forces and then look outside the window down towards the planets surface. I see the Poltergeist ship hovering over the former location of the ground forces and I smile inwardly as I knew they were expecting the main force to be in that spot.

{Roger. What are those warp signature alarms going off?} I could hear them through the pods door.

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