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Lekrog, don't have any scavengers. Its just Karissa, Tratos, and the bodyguard in the group.
"And I can't tell if you are truthful or not... It's not like you can just immediately gain my trust and make me believe that we're related."
"I'm not saying I can. But regardless of what you think, you have to leave the Collective. I mean, they're bad news."
"Then tell me... Why are you with Poltergeist? If what you say is true about the Collective... Then Poltergeist is the same thing, they must all burn down to the ground. All influence."
I shake my head. "Without guidance, there is anarchy. I feel that a group who doesn't commit mass genocide is better fit for leading then one that not only commits it, but encourages it. I'm not even staying on when this is all done."
"And what do you think they did after they the last one disappeared... That's right, the new one was created! That's what they'll do after Poltergeist is burned to the ground and after the Collective is dead."
I shake my head. "Poltergeist has been around a long, long time, Viola. If it was that bad, Shadow would have shut it down."
"That old bat... Heard stories about him, and he should've died I believe. Heard he just disappeared... But have you not forgotten about power? The most powerful seduction that is the best kind of pleasure... It corrupts and anyone can suffer from it, including your Shadow."
"Really? How much do you know about Shadow? Did you know that despite all his power, he can't know pleasure of any kind? Did you know that for all his power, he's the kindest, fairest person you'll ever meet?" I shake my head. "The outside world doesn't know much about Shadow, and what I know came directly from him, or Cayl. Know your facts before you speak. I have an impressive amount of power myself, and yet I don't abuse it."
"Even the strongest will can falter to corruption, the strongest will can break to something so simple... And if you want me to leave the Collective... Then Poltergeist has to be gone for good."
I shake my head. "I won't incite anarchy. It's against my morals, and it should be against yours as well."
"I'm not telling you to... But I would rather have my people be with the Collective than Poltergeist telling them what they can and can't do... Where Poltergeist wont be a major part of their lives like it has affected everyone else."
I shake my head. "You don't know nearly as much as you think. Poltergeist offers to help planets when they need it. Other than that, they don't have much. KLR9 is their single home, and the only thing they lay ownership to, other than their fleets and troops."
I was getting angry, clearly I was right. "Then tell me!? How is Poltergeist a good solution to anything when they don't even rule the sector? They don't lead... They treat everyone else like little children without parents. Let me tell you that everyone has an evil intention, no matter how pure they are, they always have that seed inside of them that is evil... I'm done talking and you wont convince me otherwise."
I shake my head. "I didn't have to talk to you. I chose to. Poltergeist has only ever offered assistance to those who are in need of it. Is that wrong?"
I made true with my promise and I stayed silent for the remainder of the meeting.
I shake my head. "Enjoy solitary, because until you are willing to listen to reason, there isn't much I can do for you."
I grab my equipment, my blade, my guns, and my armor. I find a ship capable of slip space and start to prepare it. I'm going, and it will be with guns blazing. Or in this case, swords swinging.
My eyes closed, they were opened once more and Torvus was looking at himself. One finger was at my throat and I was mimicking his throat being slit open.
I shake my head. "Not likely. I don't sleep too heavily at night, and more crafty opponents then my daughter in denial have tried." I was still looking at Viola when I heard the warp entry alarms. Walking over to a comm station, I open a channel to the bridge. "What was that?"

"The Collective's main capitol ship just exited warp space nearby." I curse.

"That ship is only called in for glassings, Viola. Think on that." I step out and nod to the Regulators, who escort Viola back to her cell.

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