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He was lying, they weren't going to glass the planet. The Director had to be here, I had to find him.


Halfway back to the cell I was going to risk it all, there was on Regulator to my front, and one to my back... tis' time. My restraints were pure energy, but nothing could enter through it, it was perfect. With a flash of an eye, the restraints were around the Regulator's throat in front of me, spinning around before the other could think, a knife came from the Regulator's vest and went into a vital point of him, instantly dying. I used it just like a garrote, slicing into his throat and killing him, the mask muffled his screams, and so did the blood.
I was at the end of the hall when I heard the commotion. Turning, I face her. "Viola, this won't end well for you if you persist."

OOC: Before you protest, I said I'd left the room, not the area.
The body, still in my restraints was still bleeding, the blood dripping onto the floor. "Just let me go... And they wont kill me, for they know what I possess inside my mind." I dropped the body.
I shake my head. "You just killed two Regulators. You won't leave the detention block alive. That ship is used to destroy planets, Viola, usually with the Director pulling the trigger, so to speak. If they can't take the planet, they destroy it."
I almost screamed out loud. "They are not going to destroy my world, they most likely came here because I went off the grid!" I said with a soft voice.
"The Director wants the planet, but Poltergeist wants it to stay free. If the Collective can't have it, no one can. It happened on Rentus." I pull out a holorecording, showing them glass the planet into lifelessness. "They couldn't best their military, so they did the one thing that they could. They destroyed it. What do you think will happen when they start losing this fight?"
Emotions flaring, he was wrong! "This only happened because they found out about Poltergeist! If it wasn't for you then they wouldn't even be in this mess!" Voice was slowly raising with anger.
"This happened because your people grew restless about being cut off from everyone else. This happened because everyone has different views. You want to do what's best for your people? You let them remain free, rather than force them to submit to the Collective's tyranny and abuse!" I was still calm, but I was also intense. So much so, the rest of the hall had gone silent.
"We have a Civil War between three groups! The one that is sided with the Collective, the other is with Poltergeist, and the last want none! Now you tell me what's best for my people when you don't know everything... Not like you would know since no one knows about our situation except for the Director... Poltergeist didn't know there was a Civil War." I was half tempted to attack him, even if it meant certain death."
"Thanks to Cynthia, we knew everything the Director knew. Er, well, Flint did. I just got brought up to speed after I arrived. What you need to realize is that maybe none of the three groups is right and that while being apart of the galaxy, they should remain separate. Your mother wanted me to kill you if you refused to listen, but I'm willing to bet that you will. Because I don't want to kill you."
They...are all wrong? They are all wrong!? That's when it dawned to her... He was right, but she was right... But they were both wrong. "You are right, I am wrong. But you are wrong and I am right!? They are all killing each other over something that they believe is true but they are all wrong! And thanks to outside influence they want to kill each other!" I pulled a second knife out, this one was aimed at my throat. "I don't want to be a part of this world anymore!" The knife was fast, it was going to strike my major arteries in my throat if it wasn't stopped.
I jerked the knife out of her hand with the Force and she instead karate chopped herself in the throat. "If you understand, then you should work to make it better. Work to stop the fighting. Each of these groups has leaders. People who have all the power. You remove them, and their groups fall apart." It was assassination 101. Kill the leaders, the armies are useless.
The sudden hit to my throat blocked my airway for a quick second. Yellowish vomit came rushing out my mouth and onto the floor, I was gasping for air. "That was the first time that ever happened... And there's no point... They'll continue to fight until their side wins... Their is no winner, only the death of my people... They were split apart by that much." The purplish tint to my face was coming back as my Human form wasn't showing, and my curves surprisingly looking delicate and fragile. "And there is something I should add... The two groups don't have leaders, only a group of people that want the entire race to off allegiance... You didn't know that right? They would give themselves up to Poltergeist if you would have won... And if you Shadow was still there, he would accept there offer in a heartbeat. Even you know that."
I shake my head. "He would have told them to call if they needed help, and that would be that. He isn't out for power. He's out to explore the things the multiverse has to offer. Truthfully, he would be disgusted with your people, and he'd be disgusted with you. You've killed claiming to know what's best for your people, but if you kill the ones who support themselves, or Poltergeist, or the Collective Triad, are you really a savior? Or are you just another murderer?"
Murderer... The word that made my body freeze up. The one word that I didn't want to hear, but I heard it. "But aren't we all... Mu-Murde-Murderers.... You must be willing to sacrifice your previous thinking on life to do what you believe is right... And I would be disgusted by Shadow as well... So you can tell him that when you ever see him, we all would be disgusted with him..."
"I've met him. He never directly killed anyone. Di Carnal was an abomination that should have never existed. And I know what I am. I've just made peace with it. But you, Viola, aren't capable of the same cold-blooded killings I make my living on. You weren't born to kill out right. Maybe in self defense, but not the way I do." I hold a hand out to her. "Whether you believe I'm your father or not is up to you, but I am willing to be a friend and help you out of whatever bind you are in."
I would not accept the hand, and he didn't know what I was capable of. "Yes I poisoned the Lord Knight of Loria, I killed countless men for what I believe in... And you tell me I'm not capable? I'm capable if I put the time and dedication into it. As for Shadow... What would he have done if there was a three way Civil War within Poltergeist? One group wanted to side with the Collective, the second group wanted to stay with Poltergeist, and the third group wanted to stay out of everything? What would he have done?" I was trying to get him to think about the situation more, something more close and personal. But I just wanted to end, I wanted to end everything... Even if it meant doing two things, killing the Director, and killing Flint Sr. Then blame the deaths on me.
"Then he'd disband them. This is a mercenary group, Viola, you'll have to find a better comparison. As for Cayl, I had my suspicions. It was too easily done for a human Watcher. aren't capable of what I do. Tell me, how many men and women have you run through while their families watched in horror? How many politicians children have you had to kill to keep them in line for someone else? Some one with more power and money. I've never claimed to be a perfect person, and I never will, but you aren't capable of the things I've done. You aren't capable of killing the two leaders of these organizations."
"And yet I was capable of poisoning the Lorian... I am a Watcher, I'm trained to kill whoever whenever I need to... And I can only think of one solution that would save my people... Our government needs to change, the Collective needs to be gone... And Poltergeist needs to disappear for good, destroyed or gone... It doesn't matter."
I shake my head. "You think that your training will make a difference? That when the time comes, you'll be able to look that child in the face when you plunge your knife into their heart, or when you kill that child's parent right there in front of them? You aren't a killer, you're a tool without a purpose, grasping at straws in a world you can't understand."

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