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"Thanks." I head towards it, watching for more hostiles. {I'm heading your way now Flint. The charge is set.}
{Would you like to meet on the ground, your ship or mine? It is all your choice.} I reply, looking at the drop-ship that was in the hanger.
{Right I am patching Cynthia up right now trying to get her stable enough to move back to the ship.}


{I can come up and meet you on your ship.} I exit my mech and stretch.
{As you wish. Deck Three should be clear for you to land. If you want, you can bring a guard of some kind.} I reply, and signal for the Salvagers to get the transport out of the hanger.
I come around a corner and run up, looking for the watcher and spotting her on the ground nearby. "Found our prey."
Ya saw the new character I made right?

Cain continued to search the documents. He did so calmly to not attract suspicion. He heard footsteps coming from behind him. His eyes twiched upwards, and he lowered the document. He started to turn around calmly and face the person approaching.
The commune officer said, "Who is it."
Cain replied, "A watcher updating his information. I was on a mission."
Seeing nothing wrong, the officer continued his patrol.
But Cain was still wary, there was someone else. Someone else in the room.

His left eye glowed red for just a second. He saw someone!
The trobbing pulsation of life. Thousands of beads of sentient life crammed into a single body.
Falling backwards he avoided the blade of a knife.
Wynn stepped out of the darkness. "The collective? Well now I have a reason, a way I can kill you. Does that eye still hurt Cain? You Fake."
Blood started to pour out of his left eye socket. Even though it wasn't touched.
Cain gathered energy into his palm. Energy as black as night.
Cynthia was in shock, it would still be to dangerous to move her, despite the fact that the wounds were closed.


I turned around, seeing the man...Kayle. With a startle I scooped myself up and made off through the hallway.
I sigh and suck the oxygen away from around the Watcher. "Sorry, but you need to stick around. Your chances are better with us than they are with this new enemy."
I was gripping my throat, suffocating from the sudden loss of oxygen from around me. Stopping dead in my tracks. This guy would want revenge for what I've done, but I knew he would do it later.
I walk up to her and slap on the binders, inhibiting any abilities she might be able to use. Only then did I allow the oxygen to come back. "Running never works, you know that right?"
The bindings felt fierce, just like the bindings I had on earlier. "Running helps to get away from people like you!"
I sigh. "Look, I know you probably poisoned my Uncle. While I would love to rip you apart, that isn't the answer. Now, do you wish to come with us, and live, or go with them, and probably have horrible experiments done on you?"
"You're going to make me come with you, even if I choose against it...I will still be made to come with you."
"I'm giving you a choice in the matter. If you choose to stay, no skin off my back. Though I doubt your dad would like it."
I continue to treat Cynthia as best I could while Kayle dealt with the Watcher.


I head to a transport with a few Foot Soldiers following behind as my personal guard. I start up the transport and take off from the main ship heading towards the Outcast ship.
{Alright I am on my way.}
Another voice comes over the comms that isn't Tratos.
{We see you approaching. Lowering shields to let you on through.}
I begin the approach readying the ship to dock.
{Making my approach now.} I slow the ship down as I near the hanger bay lining up to land.
I ease the ship in an land in a few minutes. I power down the ship and head towards the ramp to exit the ship.
I stand and wait at the base of the ramp with my guard waiting for Tratos or someone to lead me to him.
A man and a woman walk up to the transport. The male was roughly 5 foot 11, dressed head-to-toe in a brown-purple clothing, blocking every attempt to get some detail of his features. On his back were a Rocket Launcher and a Light Machine Gun. Between them, a Katana waited in its sheath.
The female was 6 foot 2, dressed the same way, her stance and the way she walked being the only clue as to her gender. On her back was not similiar weapons of that used by the male counterpart. Instead, a hand-held Rail-gun was on her back, and a knife, almost big enough to be a machete, was on her hip.

The male spoke "Greetings, I assume you are Flint Jr.? My name is Tratos. I represent the Outcasts, who, as of late, had been avoiding the fighting. My people request to join the Poltergeist in the fight against the Collective." His accent put him down as someone who was born of upper-class, but his stance spoke of him spending time on the front, and he projected an aura of command.
Cain grit his teeth. In a single seconds the shadows wrapped around his body and he teleported nearby Kayle's location.
Following suit in a flash of light was Wynn.
Cain drew his sword, and slashed at Wynn. Leaning back, she gracefully dodged the blow. "Older brother! Little fake! How do you want to die?"
Raising her hand, a blast of light flashed through the sky, and smashed Cain back.
Wynn raised her hand and a blanket wrapped around it. Light energy ran through the fibers.
Cain drew his gun, and fired three shots. The blanket whirled around, and deflected the bullets. In the second the blanket covered Wynn vision, Cain had worked around her in a few steps.
Dark energy, wrapped around his hand. The shockwave from the energy shook the battlefield. Making the sound of the wails of the damned. But nothing happened. Faster than the eye, the blanket had absorbed the hit. Wynn said with a smile, "Try not to use to much of that."
A blanket...And you do know that you just teleported miles and miles and miles, maybe even light years to Kayle? (Don't know where exactly.)

IC: Cynthia was finally stable enough to move.

I decided to go with Kayle, not like I didn't have much choice even though I had one. "Fine, but lay one finger one me..."

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